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Oval Rugs

Rugs are either woven on a loom or braided by hand. They are used where more cushioning is desired on the floor, but a full carpet is unwanted or impractical. Oval area rugs are both functional and aesthetic additions to a living space, and there are many from which to choose.

What are oval area rugs made from?
  • Cotton - A hand-woven rug may be made out of strips of cotton or hand tufted out of cotton-polyester blended threads. Braided rugs may also be made from cotton.
  • Wool and blends - Wool and wool blends can be cut into strips and braided into an oval shape. They are often colorful, and the woolen material is thick with insulating properties.
  • Jute - A natural material that comes from plants. The jute rug has a rough texture, and it offers insulating properties. Jute rugs are often used at the entrance of a home as a welcome mat or in high-traffic areas such as a hallway or a three season room.
  • Synthetics - Materials such as nylon, shag polyester, or chenille can be woven or braided into an area rug with an oval shape. A rug may also have a synthetic polypropylene or a natural rubber back for non-slip properties.
How do you choose an oval area rug?
  • Select a size - Choose the size of area rug that accommodates the space in your living room or dining room. If your rug will go in a long, narrow space such as a hallway, choose an oval that is elongated.
  • Choose a material - Natural fibers such as wool, jute, and cotton-wool blends are often used for area rugs in an oval shape. Rugs made from synthetic and blends of natural fibers and synthetics are also available.
  • Choose a color - Area rugs are available in solid colors such as blue, black, and ivory. The oval-shaped area rugs can also be purchased in combination shades of red and blue, blue and black, or colorful designs that resemble a quilt or abstract painting.
  • Choose a style - Select a rug that is shag or fuzzy, hand-woven, tufted, braided, or machine-made.
Where do you put an oval rug?

An area rug is often used on top of a hardwood or engineered wood floor where you want some insulation properties and some cushioning for your feet. An area rug may also function as a focal point in a living room or a bar area of your home where you gather with friends and family. A natural rug made of jute would be at home on a covered front porch. You could also put a braided oval jute rug in a three season room or conservatory. A rug made of natural materials could also be an addition to a flexible living space such as a covered patio or a finished basement with concrete flooring. A braided quilt style of oval area rug could be used in a sewing room.