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Selecting the OtterBox Blue Cell Phone Case for Your Phone

Since 1998, OtterBox has specialized in creating protective cases for phones and tablets from Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia, and Motorola. OtterBox blue cell phone cases are available in a variety of styles like the Defender and Symmetry series.

What types of cases are available?

OtterBox has created several different series of cases. Each series offers a different style and level of protection. The most common series are:

  • Defender: The Defender series is the most rugged case in the company's product line. It offers a thick case that provides a high level of protection. It includes a screen protector and a holster that can also be used as a kickstand for your phone.
  • Commuter: The Commuter series offers a small case profile, making it easier to slide in and out of your pocket. It also includes a screen protector.
  • Symmetry: The Symmetry series offers a wide range of style and color options and comes with a slim case profile.
How does OtterBox protect your device?

OtterBox runs all of its products through a rigorous test program that includes more than 238 hours of testing across 24 different tests. These tests include:

  • Drop test: Not only do they drop test their cases from multiple heights, they also test multiple angles to more accurately simulate real world conditions.
  • Liquid test: While many of the company's cases offer protection against water, check the label of your specific case to verify. All of the company's cases are designed to withstand sweat and small amounts of moisture.
  • Abrasion test: The abrasion tests mimic real life by simulating being slipped in and out of a jeans pocket or jostled around in a purse or backpack.
  • Temperature test: Whether you live in an icy tundra or a hot and muggy location, OtterBox tests all of its cases against temperature and humidity extremes.
  • Chemical test: The company runs every case through a series of tests to make sure it can withstand repeated exposure to common daily chemicals. These include makeup, hand lotion, rubbing alcohol, and household cleaners.
How do you choose the right case?

OtterBox produces a wide range of cases for a variety of mobile devices, so its important to find the right fit for your device and your lifestyle needs.

  • Size: The company makes phone cases for almost every smartphone on the market, including the iPhone, Galaxy, Note, Moto, Google Pixel, and more. They also produce cases for tablets like the iPad, Kindle Fire, and Microsoft Surface. Each case style is tailored to be an exact match for a particular devices size and features, so be sure to pick the case for your specific device.
  • Protection level: All OtterBox cases provide protection for your device, but some series were designed for a more rugged lifestyle. Think about how you use your phone in your daily life, and consider whether you need additional waterproofing, screen protection, or shock absorption features in your case.
  • Features: Many cases are also designed to provide added convenience. Many OtterBox cases include a belt clip or holster while others feature a screen protector or a kickstand.
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