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Stay Secure with Antivirus Software

Getting the most out of your computer should include the protection of its contents. Norton provides many solutions for a myriad of computer protection needs. Whether for home or for work, Norton AntiVirus software comes through to secure your computer from malware and other virus infractions. Discover what software is suitable for your needs.

Types of Computer Uses

The presence of the internet has expanded to include many parts of our lives. Having the certainty that your computer is protected from harmful intruders gives you the ability to stay productive and comfortable moving around on the internet, computer to computer.

  • Work: A lot of us spend most of our computer time on work computers. With the presence of online threats, install software that will protect your Windows based computer.
  • Home: Even in the comfort of your home, online threats will occur. Norton software for your Windows based PC helps to protect personal data when you most need them.
  • Travel: When on the road, the moment you connect to a wifi service, you're vulnerable to threats. Bring the antivirus protection with you wherever you go.

Types of Protection

Norton AntiVirus gives you several options of protection to your Windows PC. Never be vulnerable to an online virus with the right protection. Take a look at an option that is right for you.

  • Disc: For your security needs, you can opt for a disc version. This gives you the ability to load the software you own quickly after tasks such as a hard disk format. Once loaded, you will have online access to features such as program updates.
  • Subscription: The subscription service allows for automatic updates and convenient downloading that only requires the right purchasing credentials.
  • Multi-Device: For a multi-device or enterprise level software service, your'e able to get the benefits of the above two options for multiple computers.

Software Features

With so many threats out in the marketplace, it is wise to invest in software designed to act as a gatekeeper. Keep all of the malicious spyware away from your computer so that you can focus on being productive and informed.

  • Faster Startups: Norton provides faster way to have your PC ready to roll very quickly by reducing unnecessary processes going on in the background.
  • Protects All Devices: Whether a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet, Norton is able to secure them all with its patented software solutions
  • Auto-Scan: Upon startup, the software will automatically scan for any unnecessary elements lurking around your system. Get protected and your worries of a virus will be a thing of the past.

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