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Nokia Yellow Cell Phones & Smartphones

Get Simple and Smart When Looking for a Mobile

Looking for any type of electronic device these days, including smartphones, can take you through a journey of tech specs and features. It does not need to be an overwhelming experience, especially with colorful and functional options from brands like Nokia.

What Are the Main Features in a Smartphone to Consider?

Whether you are a repeat mobile buyer or looking for something completely new, there are a few points to always keep in mind.

  • Screen Size and Quality: Key factors are how portable your mobile phone needs to be, and what you mostly use a phone for. Sizes range from small (less than 4.5-inch screens) to large (5.4-inch screens and above). The medium range is usually 4.5 to 5.3-inch screens. For quality, check the screen resolution, brightness, and viewing angles to suit the conditions you use your phone in.
  • Camera: These can be front facing or rear facing, and many models feature both. On the primary camera, options for megapixel sizes, resolution adjustments, and focusing options affect the quality of your photos.
  • Operating System: The OS is the main software needed for the phone to run. This brand uses the Android OS. Most Android systems customize to suit your preferences, but you can also use them with system defaults.
  • Processor: The internal processor on a phone determines how fast the apps work. Phones with multi-cores like quad-core and octa-core processors speed up multitasking.
  • Memory: Cell phones have random access memory and storage space, just like any laptop or computer. How you use your device will determine how much you need. If you mainly text or make calls, a high GB RAM may not be a priority, but if you use online apps and games, you might prefer more memory and storage.
  • Battery Life: The battery life of a cell phone comes from many factors, such as the OS, processor, apps, screen size, display brightness, and so forth.

What Does This Brand Offer?

Nokia has been releasing mobile phones since the 1980s. They offer an extensive range of smartphones and cell phones with various features. To confirm full specifications of individual models, please refer to the companys website.

What Are the Advantages of Different Colored Cell Phones?

The color of the outside of your phone isnt, of course, going to affect any of its features or functionality, however, it can have advantages! The brand produces colored casings for many of their models, commonly yellow, red, black, blue, and white. The advantages of colored casings are:

  • They are much easier to find inside your bag or purse.
  • If you have friends and family with the same model phone, it is easier to identify yours.
  • Also, a selection of outer casings in different colors can match different outfits and occasions.

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