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Loose Natural Sapphires

Natural sapphires are gemstones that are made of a variety of corundum, which is an aluminum oxide. While natural stones are commonly used in jewelry, they are also used in a variety of industrial settings and products, like wristwatches and infrared optical components. Synthetic stones may be used for decorative purposes.

Where do natural sapphires come from?

Natural sapphires are found in alluvial deposits in a variety of different geographical locations. Those locations include the United States, Cambodia, India, Laos, and Pakistan. Three of the most famous natural sapphires, which are the Logan sapphire, the Star of India, and the Star of Bombay, were mined in Sri Lanka.

What color do sapphires come in?

These gemstones come in a wide variety of colors and intensities.

  • Blue sapphires: These gems are possibly the most famous of natural sapphire varieties. Blue sapphires can range from a velvety blue color to a violet-blue color. Blue sapphires are prized for their vivid, saturated color.
  • Pink sapphires: The color of pink sapphire gemstones ranges from baby pink to vivid magenta. Some of these gems also have a purplish hue. The color is caused by traces of chromium, which is the same mineral that gives rubies their rosy color.
  • Yellow sapphires: These gems can range in color from canary yellow to a greenish orange. Trace elements of iron cause the yellow color while titanium gives the gems a greenish cast.
  • Padparadscha sapphires: These natural gemstones are salmon in color. These gems in their natural form are considered to be rare although synthetic versions are available.
  • Star sapphires: These unique gemstones come in a variety of transparent colors. Star sapphires present an optical illusion caused by inclusions in the mineral. The illusion, called asterism, results in the appearance of shimmering rays that look like a star when viewed from above.
  • Unique gemstone colors: Natural loose sapphires come in green, white, brown, and even black. White sapphires are completely colorless and transparent.
What are synthetic sapphires made of?

Synthetic sapphires are made when fine alumina powder is put into an oxyhydrogen flame. The alumina slowly creates a boule, or crystal, of material that resembles loose sapphires. Synthetic sapphire materials are identical to natural sapphires, with the exception that they do not contain the flaws often found in natural gemstones. They may also be more vivid in color and brilliance.

Is a sapphire a precious stone?

Blue sapphires are considered to be precious stones along with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. Some of the most treasured sapphire gemstones are blue sapphires, which are a favorite choice in jewelry of all kinds.