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Motorcycle Tire Valve Caps & Stems

The valve stems on your motorbike play an important role in keeping your vehicle fuel-efficient and safe. Motorbike tire valves are installed in the wheels, separately from the tubes. Motorcycle tire valve cap and stems can be replaced in about 20 to 30 minutes with a minimal set of tools.

How do you replace bike valve stems?

To replace your bike’s valve stems, you’ll need a lug nut remover, a large clamp, a pair of pliers, and a bottle of lubricant. Before beginning this procedure, secure your bike in a locking stand and turn off the engine.

  • Use a lug nut remover to loosen the bolts securing the wheel to the frame of your bike.
  • Place the wheel sideways on a table and then use a large clamp to flatten the tire against the table to expose the valve stem.
  • Use a pair of pliers to remove the stem from the wheel.
  • Lubricate the new valve stem and then insert it into the opening in the wheel.
  • Use the pliers to firmly pull the tire valve from the outside of the wheel until it snaps into place.
Do tire valve caps and stems work with any motorbike?

Caps for tire valves as well as stems are designed to be universally compatible with all standard motorbike wheels. If you’re restoring a bike to its original condition, OEM products are available for your vehicle. If you wish to upgrade your motorbike with high-quality aftermarket parts, replacement products are available for your project as well. Valve caps and stems can be installed and reinstalled on any bike you own.

What materials are valve stems made from?

Replacement valve stems are constructed from various types of metal, including chrome, aluminum, and brass. They’re designed to replace the rubber tire valves that come with most motorbikes. Metal valves typically don’t need to be replaced once they’re installed. They prevent air leaks by firmly holding the valve core closed with the strength of chrome or aluminum alloy.

Does the valve stem affect performance?

A properly functioning valve stem can make a big impact on the performance and fuel economy of your bike. Keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure level helps to conserve fuel and prevent the tread from wearing out. A stem that maintains the air and holds the pressure level steady can prevent problems with steering, braking, and accelerating.

How do you care for valve stems and caps?

After you’ve installed the stem on your bike, it doesn’t require any further maintenance. The cap is designed to keep the stem in good condition so that it doesn’t develop leaks or become bent. When you inflate the tires on your bike, it’s important to replace the cap on the stem immediately to avoid losing it and leaving the stem vulnerable to damage.