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MotorGuide Trolling Motor Components

Nothing beats watching the sunrise over the water from the seat of your boat and wondering if youll catch your limit or finally land the big one. Adding a MotorGuide Trolling motor to your fishing boat allows you the ability to move quietly through the water with better control of your watercraft as well as access fishing spots not otherwise accessible. Maintaining the mechanical integrity of your MotorGuide trolling motor is critical for water safety.

What should you look for in a pontoon trolling motor?

When its time to purchase a trolling motor for your pontoon boat, there are several factors to consider. One of the most important factors is the overall weight of your pontoon boat. The trolling motor you ultimately purchase must have the proper amount of thrust to meet the weight of the boat. Picking a motor that has an inadequate thrust-to-weight ratio for your boat could result in the motor burning out.

Another factor to consider is selecting a trolling motor with a quick-release bracket. This allows you to easily mount and remove the trolling motor when you are not using the pontoon boat for fishing, thus maximizing available space for passengers and recreational activities.

What’s the difference between hand- and foot-control trolling motors?

MotorGuide offers a variety of controls for its trolling motors, including foot pedals attached with traditional wiring as well as wireless hand controls that allow greater freedom on your pontoon boat while operating the trolling motor. Here are some things to consider when it comes to foot and hand controls:

  • Hand controls remove the hazards of wires on the deck and reduce overall deck clutter while giving the boat captain the flexibility of quick response. Keep in mind that a hand control will require you to dedicate one hand to your control, leaving your other hand free to control your fishing rod. Also, hand controls must be used at the bow of the boat.
  • Foot controls give an angler the confidence of hands-free control of the trolling engine, allowing you to focus on your rod and any strikes you might have on your line while operating the engine. Foot controls can be operated from any point on the boat, but be sure to check the cable length to make sure it is appropriate for your vessel. Keep in mind that foot controls come with wiring and a pedal, which you will need space for on the deck of your vessel.