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Enjoy Clear Audio with Monster Cable Optical Cables

Now you can make good use of the optical ports on the back of your receiver and video game system. Monster Cable manufactures fiber optic cables in various lengths to help you listen to the digital audio output of your video game system or Blu-ray player. Just use this cable with secure terminals to connect the device and receiver together, and enjoy digital audio with reduced interference from electromagnetic noise.

How long are Monster Cable optical audio cables?

Monster Cable fiber optic digital audio cables can be found in lengths of 3 and 15 feet. Shorter cables are used to connect components that are located close to the amplifier and are usually arranged in a rack or shelving unit.

What is a Toslink cable and how does it work?

Toshiba designed a type of connector for optical audio connections and named it Toslink. They only work to carry digital audio signals, which are useful in a 5.1 surround sound system. Toslink terminals are commonly used among manufacturers and are an industry standard.

Monster Cable wires with Toslink terminals are designed to block out electromagnetic interference. Consult with the instructions of your components to see if Toslink cables are compatible.

What devices can you connect with Monster Cable optical cables?

You can connect a device to a receiver that both have a Toslink or optical wire port. Video game consoles, audio adapters that are wireless, Blu-ray players, high-definition televisions, and advanced desktop computer sound cards are a few options. Connect the component to the speaker console with the optical or Toslink cable, and you will start to hear the difference when playing back the digital soundtrack.

How can you care for Monster Cable optical audio cables?

Monster Cable optical cables are used to transmit audio signals using light between two devices that are powered by electricity. Therefore, is still important to take note of the following care instructions:

  • Dry it up: Keep the audio cable away from extreme heat and moisture.
  • Secure it: Although using optical cables will help reduce the number of audio cable connections, it is still important to secure any type of audio cables that will cross a high-traffic area to avoid trips and falls. For permanent installations of optical audio and Toslink wires, make sure not to damage cables by puncturing them with sharp anchoring objects, such as nails and staples.
  • Ensure compatibility: Only use optical and Toslink connectors that are compatible with entertainment system electronic devices. Consult original operation instructions for advice on the use of adapters.
  • Read the instructions: Only use Monster Cable Toslink and audio cables as designed per the original instructions of the component.
  • Toss broken parts: Discontinue use of any optic cables with broken shielding and exposed fibers.
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