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Stay on Top of Messages with a Motorola Minitor Pager

While many may think of pagers as being a thing of the past, this humble piece of wireless technology still has a significant number of uses in this digital age. The Motorola Minitor is one of many options for pagers you can use, and it offers quite a few useful features to help you stay on top of your messaging. Its simple design and ease of programming makes it a pager perfect for those who have never used this kind of technology before or those looking for a replacement for an older model, and they are available conveniently right here on eBay.

Do Minitor programming cradles come with USB connections?

Yes, on eBay, many Minitor programming cradles, especially those for the Minitor IV, V, and VI come with a USB connection as a standard feature. Docking the Minitor pager into the programming cradle, connecting it to a computer, and running the appropriate programming software should take out much of the hassle associated with getting a pager to work as needed.

What versions of the Motorola Minitor are available on eBay?

Motorola created six different versions of their Minitor pager from the 1970s to 2014. You can find all six of these pagers with their associated charging and programming cradles right here on eBay. Each model of the pager has at least a slight difference in features and functionality from its counterparts, so it's critical to be sure of what your needs are before you make a purchase. As always, look to the manufacturer's website if you have questions about a specific product that a listing cannot answer.

What kind of features does the Motorola Minitor VI have?

The Motorola Minitor VI pager has quite a few features that make it desirable as a complement to a cell phone or other mobile device, or even for use all on its own. Some of these aspects include:

  • Recording time - The Minitor VI features up to 16 minutes worth of recording time, allowing you to save more messages without needing to listen or delete older ones.
  • Easy programming - Minitor programming has never been easier than with the VI. Streamlining the process more so than any other of its set, it's a little more complex than docking the pager in its cradle and running a program.
  • Durability - The Minitor VI was made with durability in mind. Like many people who make use of pagers work in fields like fire and rescue services or the medical field, this device is resistant to drops, vibrations, and any number of other forms of trauma.
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