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Microsoft DVD Office & Business Software

Microsoft Office has created applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Whether you need to expand to a multicomputer professional license, upgrade to a newer release, or switch between Mac or Windows compatible versions, an officially licensed Microsoft DVD of Office is an installation source that doesn’t require lengthy downloads from the internet.

What applications come with the Office suite on DVD?

Microsoft offers a variety of productivity enhancing applications and business software for home, business and school use. A description of these applications and what they are generally used for is listed below.

  • Word for word processing
  • Excel for data analysis and graphical representation
  • PowerPoint for information presentation in a slideshow format
  • Access for accessing and managing databases across applications
  • Outlook for managing personal information, including email, a calendar, address book, and task manager
  • OneNote for assisting in note taking in the form of handwritten or typed notes, drawings, screenshots, and audio recordings
  • Publisher for publishing business cards, greeting cards, postcards, websites, newsletters, calendars, and labels
How do you install each application on a computer?

Insert the disc into your DVD drive and a message will pop-up asking if you would like to start installation. Click start and then enter the product key. After accepting the terms, click custom install and you will be able to choose which applications to install on your PC.

What is a product key?

All officially licensed Microsoft products come with a unique product key that is required to activate the software after installation on your PC. Registration of the product key is mandatory, and the applications will not function without it. To register, find the product key included in the packaging, and register the product through the telephone or internet. The product key will be verified to check authenticity and to determine that the software is active on the indicated number of PCs allowed for in the user agreement.

How can Office be used to collaborate with others?

Office offers extensive collaboration features that allow you to share documents and track changes made by team members. These features work online and offline as well as in the cloud for Windows users. Cloud-based collaboration allows each team member to track changes made by other co-authors in real time. OneDrive also provides Windows users an opportunity to store all their files in the cloud and access them from anywhere.