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Michael Kors Eyeglass Frames

Michael Kors eyeglass frames include a variety of shapes, colors, and designs like the Yilana Tortoise frames, Sadie V frames, 4034 Antheia frames, and the 7006 Satin Gunmetal frames. Different materials make up a variety of styles as well such as cat-eye glasses and semi-rimless glasses. Caring appropriately for eyeglass frames can help them to stay as efficient as possible and extend their lifespan.

What shapes of eyeglass frames are available?

Michael Kors eyewear frame shapes include cat’s eye, full rim, half rimless, oval, rectangular, rimless, and round.

  • Cat’s eye frames are relatively round near the nose and taper upward at the outside edges, creating an angle at the outside of the face.
  • Full rim styles include a frame around the entire lens, whereas half rimless can include a frame along the bottom or top edge of the lens, leaving the opposite side frameless.
  • Completely rimless glasses are left with lenses only, connected by a nose bridge and fitted with sides.
  • Oval, rectangular, round, and square frames refer to the shape of frames. Rectangular and square frames include angles, whereas oval and round frames do not.
What colors and materials are utilized in eyeglass frames?
  • This brand of frames come in a variety of different materials, including metal, plastic, and titanium. Some styles include multiple materials to create a different designer look. Frames may be plastic on top and metal on the bottom, or vice versa. The nose bridge or caps on the ends of a pair of metal frames may be made from plastic. Composition depends on the particular pair of frames at hand. Additionally, both metals and plastics come in a variety of different colors.
  • This brand of glasses come in a variety of different colors, including black, blue, brown, clear, gold, silver, and pink. They are also available in patterns including tortoiseshell, floral, and two-toned combinations. Tortoiseshell is a mixture of black and brown in different, seemingly random spots and patches. Floral designs vary in color. Two-toned combinations include clear fronts with black sides and other combinations.
How do you care for eyeglasses?

To clean eyeglass frames and lenses, run them under warm water and use kitchen dishwashing soap to form a lather. Gently use fingers to wash away any residue or dirt. Rinse them with warm water again, and dry them with a clean, soft cloth. Avoid using clothing garments to dry or wipe glasses. Often, these clothing items accumulate dirt and dust, and are likely to scratch frames upon contact with them. A clean microfiber or cotton cloth is unlikely to scratch frames.