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Mens Robes

A soft, comfy bathrobe is convenient loungewear for after a shower or any time you are home in your pajamas. From a knee-length cotton robe for covering your summer sleepwear to a long terry bathrobe to go over your winter pajamas, there is a mens robe designed for every season and style. There are a few points to consider prior to deciding which bathrobe to purchase.

What materials are mens robes made from?

Bathrobes are made of many fabrics, and the one you choose depends on its purpose and the season. Some of the common options include:

  • Warm choices: Fleece, wool, velour, flannel, and cashmere make soft, warm and comfortable bathrobes for lounging in the winter.
  • Summer options: Cotton, satin, silk, and polyester blends are cool and fresh options for summer time.
  • Absorbent robes: Terry cloth, bamboo, and microfiber are absorbent for after a bath or shower.
  • Combo styles: Combinations of fabrics like cotton flannel with satin trim, velour with faux fur trim, and microfiber with fleece trim are also great choices.
What styles are available?

Most bathrobes close with a belt that ties in the front, but there are also zipper options. Mens robe styles also vary in sleeve length, neck type, and the presence or absence of hoods and pockets. In addition, there is a broad range of colors and patterns to choose from. Some bathrobes come in a set with matching pajamas.

  • Kimono robes: These are made of lightweight fabrics and have no collar.
  • Shawl collar: This neckline fits close around the neck and provides an extra layer of warmth for cooler temperatures.
  • Hooded robes: These usually come in terry or heavy cotton.
  • Full-length sleeves: These provide the most coverage and warmth.
  • Three-quarter sleeves: These options can provide more mobility if the bathrobe is worn for extended periods of time.
  • Pockets: Pockets can add versatility to a mens robe.
What lengths do mens robes come in?

Mens bathrobes come in several lengths.

  • Lightweight knee- and thigh-length robes are suited for warmer months.
  • Full-length bathrobes that fall to the ankle and completely cover your pajamas are comfortable in the winter.
  • Robes made of heavyweight soft terry cloth or wool add absorbency for wearing straight from the shower.
  • Calf-length robes offer more warmth than shorter styles and more mobility than full-length bathrobes.
How do you choose a mens robe?

In addition to the comfort, fabric, and purpose of the robe, consider the care required. You can find out more about care requirements by checking the label or learning about the fabric.

  • Cotton and microfiber can be machine washed.
  • Microfiber should be hung up to dry.
  • Silk and cashmere should be washed by hand or dry cleaned.