A Buyer's Guide to Matte Cases for the iPhone 6

Cases are designed to protect a smartphone from impact if you drop it, or dampness if you lay it on a wet surface. The cases also provide cushioning for the device while it is in your pocket or bag. Many options are available for matte cases for your iPhone 6.

What are some features of matte iPhone cases?

Some of the available features include:

  • Card pocket: Some of the cases have a built-in slot for storing a driver's license, an identification card, and a credit or debit card.
  • RFID: Some of the products have radio frequency identification blockers to protect sensitive information that is stored on the phone.
  • Screen protector: Some of the cases have a built-in or attached screen protector that allows you to use the phone with the protector in place.
  • Clip, strap, or belt loop: These devices allow you to attach the case to your hand, belt, pocket, or another object.
What are the types of the matte iPhone 6 cases?

The types include:

  • 3D case: This case opens like a book and can fold out to stand up.
  • Battery case: This has a built-in battery that acts as a backup for the iPhone.
  • Wallet: This iPhone 6 case folds out like a wallet and has a slot or slots for cards.
  • Skin: This style has flexible sides that wrap around the edges and cover the back of the iPhone.
  • Flip: This has a front flap that covers the iPhone 6's screen when it is not in use. In some of the products, the flip cover automatically hibernates the iPhone.
What materials are used to make the matte cases?

The available materials include:

  • Carbon fiber: This material is made from extruded carbon fibers.
  • Metal: Aluminum and stainless steel options are available.
  • Rigid plastic: The plastic allows the phone to snap into place.
  • Leather and faux leather: These materials are used for the exterior of the case.
  • Rubber or silicone: These materials may be natural, synthetic, or blends.
What colors are available for the matte iPhone 6 cases?

The iPhone 6 case matte color options are:

  • Metallic: Gold, bronze, and silver are available.
  • Multicolored and patterned designs: Options include stripes, chevrons, dots, pictorials, florals, animals, and paisleys.
  • Solid: The available options include white, black, gray, blue, red, and green.
How do you choose a matte cover for the iPhone?
  • Select a brand: Apple, LifeProof, Samsung, Spigen, Speck, Otterbox, and other brands are available.
  • Choose a style: Select flip, battery case, fitted, wallet, or another style.
  • Select a color: Choose an exterior color from the available options.
  • Choose the desired features: Select cases with storage, straps, screen covers, or other options.
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