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Matco Automotive Diagnostic Service Tools

Take auto problems and trouble codes into your own hands with Matco’s series of diagnostic tools. Whether at home or on the road, you can avoid running into problems by checking as soon as you suspect a problem with these scanner and code reader instruments. Even if your check engine light hasnt popped on or your vehicle isnt OBD compliant, you can be aware of your car’s current status.

Which tools are compatible with which vehicles?

Many Matco diagnostic devices work with a wide variety of car models and manufacturers. If you aren’t sure the tools you’re considering match your vehicle’s parts, simply consult the device information or the owner’s manual.

What car parts can you scan?

Since Matco features a range of diagnostic machinery, you can address several areas and functions of your vehicle. This includes the following:

  • Battery testing
  • Oil levels
  • Engine checking
  • Transmission checking
  • Air bag system status

However, what features you can check depends on which diagnostic device you choose. Some are designed to carry out multiple kinds of scans; others perform a single service, like battery or air bag testing. The tablet diagnostic tools generally fall into the former category, and others fall into the latter.

How do you use these tools?

This depends on the scanner or gauge. Basic tools, such as the air pressure or battery tester, connect to their respective car part to give you an explanation of the part’s status. From there, you can gather and access the data you desire.

Multipurpose tools vary based on what part you’re checking. The device should come with the corresponding cables and connections necessary to complete advertised functions. Some connect to your car’s computer with a minimum of pieces; some also work wirelessly. Many of these devices allow users to plug the device into a computer for saving information and software updates.

Do Matco diagnostic scanners require additional accessories or software?

Matco diagnostic tools are designed to come with everything you need to fulfill their advertised functions. The provided software is sufficient for conducting diagnostics on your vehicle.

Do you need automotive training to use these tools?

These tools can be used by everyday consumers and professionals alike. Aside from understanding how to use your chosen diagnostic tool and where it needs to attach to the car, you need no formal training. It helps to know the software and how to interpret you car’s readings, as well. Depending on a scan’s results, however, you may need to seek outside assistance for fixing any problems with your vehicle.