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Lugz Boots for Men

If you are a man who works hard and plays rough, you understandably want to find the right pair of durable shoes that will hold up well for you on a daily basis without sacrificing on appearance. Lugz was originally founded in 1993 as a rugged urban shoe, and it has grown to take on a solid reputation with the working man as well. These Lugz boots for men help you protect your feet and to show off your individuality.

What is the culture and reputation of Lugz boots?

Soon after the Lugz brand hit stores in 1993, the hip-hop community endorsed them as a tough urban shoe. Later, MMA fighters and UFC fighters also endorsed these boots. These are all groups of men that demand an element of toughness and edge in their footwear, and this is exactly what you can expect with a pair of Lugz. Over the years, the working man started to wear these as well because of their protective and comfort features.

Are all of the Lugz boots high-rise footwear?

Many of the footwear products from Lugz are high-rise, which means that they rise above the ankle. This is a good look for a bold statement or for those times when you need extra ankle support. However, you may want to wear a low-rise or ankle-high shoe from time to time. This brand includes the Lugz Drifter, which is a high-rise boot, and the low-rise Lugz Drifter Lo. These are only a few of the many styles of shoes that you can find from Lugz.

What materials are used to make Lugz shoes?

Depending on the type of Lugz shoes that you select, you may discover that they are made out of leather or suede, such as the Lugz Drifter and Drifter Lo. Some are also made out of canvas, denim, or a synthetic material. Many of these products have a rubber outsole for slip resistance. You may also find a comfortable layer of memory foam inside many of these shoes. Shoes that have laces usually have metal eyelets for increased durability.

Does Lugz make any footwear suitable for labor-intensive work?

While the Lugz brand of footwear is most commonly known in the hip-hop and athletic worlds, these are sturdy, strong products that are capable of working well when you are laboring away. In fact, some of the boots have a steel-tipped toe, a Flexastride interior liner for increased comfort, water resistance, and other features. Just as the leisure footwear products are designed in a wide range of colors and styles, you will also enjoy that wide selection when you shop for Lugz work boots. For example, some are available in tan, brown, or black.