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Lip Service Clothing for Men

Lip Service Clothing for men is a fashion brand known for the edginess of its designs. The company’s garments can add a punk, rock, metal, glam, grunge, techno, goth or cyberculture element to your look. From denim jeans to vests with faux fur collars to androgynous vegan leather pants and black jackets with hardware and chains, the brand produces clothes in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

What are some examples of Lip Services clothes?

This company manufactures various rocker styles that you can mix and match to create a variety of different types of looks. Some examples of the clothes they produce include:

  • Needle-fit gray leopard print jeans
  • A vampire-inspired wine-and-black Victorian cutaway tailcoat jacket with metal buttons and full lining
  • Dead Nation bondage pants, which are based on the companys Junkie jeans but with strapping down the legs in addition to chains and cargo pockets
  • A black, 100% cotton jersey onesie with a front zipper
  • A Gangsta Pranksta black pinstripe long-sleeved shirt with buckle-strap detailing
What types of mens T-shirts are available?

Lip Service offers a wide variety of shirts for men. Some examples of mens T-shirts include:

  • The Fatal Fatigue sleeveless tee with a red, black, white, and gray camouflage print over a sea of skulls
  • Long-sleeved tees with a pattern of feathers and skulls on the front and a plain black back
  • An over-dyed and vintage-washed muscle-cut tee with "Kill Your Idols" printed on the front
  • A tee with "Service of Power" lettering on the back with lightning bolts, skulls, and engines
What are some of the mens jacket styles available?

The Lip Service line of jackets ranges from vintage-inspired attire to straitjackets. Some of the jacket styles available include:

  • A Furminator style vinyl short jacket with a faux-fur mohawk hood and spike details
  • A bleach-splattered twill jacket with raw edges and button-up fronts
  • A vegan-leather black straitjacket with crossing leather straps and lots of buckles
  • A classic military-style jacket with a bar code printed on the back
What sizes are available?

Lip Service carries mens sizes M, L, and XL in T-shirts and comes in various colors such as black. The Lip Service tees measure from 28 to 29 inches in length and 20 to 24 inches around the chest with a 21-inch to 24-inch sweep. There may also be clothing items available that are unisex. Vintage clothing items might be available from various manufacturers, and each of these manufacturers follows different size guidelines. Please consult the clothing description for specific sizing information.

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