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Lilliput Lane Collectibles

From 1982 to 2016, owner David Tate and other craftsmen handcrafted Lilliput Lanes cottages and Christmas ornaments with the desire to capture the vernacular architectural history of Great Britain. Each location was researched before it was made of wax, with each stone and shingle being individually added. Finally, each piece was carefully cast.

Did Lilliput Lane make any numbered limited editions for collectors?

Yes, several limited edition models were made. They were all retired in the 1990s. They include:

  • St. Peters Cove: Retired in 1991
  • Leonoras Secret: Retired in 1995
  • Tranquility: Retired in 1994
  • Reflections of Jade: Retired in 1996
  • Hestercombe Garden: Retired in 1999
What are some of the ornaments?

Each ornament, including those featuring houses and cottages, comes in a box with a deed. The company attempted to add at least one new ornament annually, including:

  • Christmas is Coming: Retired in June 2016
  • Christmas Callers: Retired December 2015
  • Mistletoe Cottage: Retired December 2015
  • Robin Cottage: Retired in 1993
  • Santas Workshop: Retired in 2003
  • Mince Pie Cottage: Retired in 2007
What are some of the winter cottages in a box?

The cottages also released standalone houses and collectibles in their own boxes for the winter holidays, including:

  • Christmas Delights Cottage: Retired in December 2015
  • Dickensian Christmas Cottage: Retired in December 2015
  • Snowed Blanchland Post Cottage: Retired in December 2014
  • Christmas at Blacksmiths Cottage Retired in 2009
  • Home Brew for Christmas Cottage: Retired in 2010
  • Snow Cottage: The First Noel: Retired in 2000
  • Holiday on Ice Cottage: Retired in 2011
  • Ring of Bells Cottage: Retired in 1999
Were any creations based on United States architecture?

Yes, it started making American miniature cottages in 1989, and they made five different series. Like other houses and collectibles, each creation comes in a box with a deed. The five series are:

  • Allegiance Collection
  • American Favorites Collection
  • American Journey Collection
  • American Landmarks Collection
  • Coca-Cola Collection
Were any miniature nature-themed pieces made?

In addition to cottages, ornaments, and houses, nature models were produced. An example of a miniature series is Secret Gardens. David Tate created most Secret Garden collectibles based on actual gardens in England. Due to their authenticity, they soon became a favorite for many collectors. The Secret Gardens model came in a box with a deed. It was retired in 2000.

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