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How to Choose the Right Life Fitness Cardio Equipment

Life Fitness has been offering fitness solutions to the public for almost 50 years. It supplies equipment to both commercial and home gyms. If you are looking for cardio training equipment, Life Fitness offers many models and types of equipment.

What does Life Fitness cardio fitness equipment do?

Treadmills, climbers, and other gym machines that increase your heart rate result in improved cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular training is key to burning calories and boosting your metabolism. Getting your heart rate up with fitness equipment also increases your rate of breathing. This brings more oxygen to your brain, and there is evidence that exercise and overall fitness can elevate mood.

 What kinds of cardiovascular equipment does Life Fitness make?

  • Treadmills: Life Fitness makes several different models of treadmill for your home or commercial gym. Depending on the model you choose, your treadmill may have Bluetooth technology to connect with apps. A FlexDeck shock absorption system and variable firmness settings help protect your joints. Workout tracking and heart rate monitors keep you motivated as you mark your progress.
  • Cross-trainers: Life Fitness cross-trainers combine the action of a treadmill or elliptical with upper-body handles for a total-body workout. This fitness equipment may come with attachments for upper-body resistance bands for strength training. Smooth, quiet elliptical action and programmed workouts help you get in the zone.
  • Upright and recumbent bikes: Upright bikes are the traditional exercise bike style. Recumbent models seat you in a way that your legs are out in front of you as you pedal the bike. The Life Fitness bike has a cushioned seat and wide bike pedals with adjustable straps for comfort and stability. Variable resistance settings and a heart rate monitor let you maximize the intensity of your workout.
  • Rowing machines: These machines simulate the action of rowing, giving you a full-body fitness experience. Life Fitness rowers have a natural, smooth motion that is easy on your joints. They have adjustable resistance for varying fitness levels and a folding frame for vertical storage.

 What can you take into account when selecting?

Any of these machines will improve your heart and lung function and burn calories. There are a few special cases to consider:

  • If you have aging or injured joints, you will want a low-impact fitness workout. Elliptical cross-trainers, recumbent bikes, and rowing machines by Life Fitness are all good choices for your fitness equipment.
  • If you want to work on strength as well as cardiovascular fitness, you will want to choose an exercise machine that works the arms. Cross-training and rowing machines may both give great results for your upper and lower body strength.
  • If you are living in a small space, Life Fitness has two pieces of equipment that might work for you. Some models of its cross-trainers are specifically designed to have a small footprint. The rowing machines take up the least space when you do not use them since you can fold and store vertically.

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