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Stay Ahead with a Lenovo Thinkcentre

The Lenovo Thinkcentre series offers a range of options that are sure to fit whatever your computing needs may be. Customers looking for mobile solutions may gravitate towards laptop options while those looking for static options may prefer either desktops or all-in-one computers. Whatever the case may be, products available on eBay feature different levels of computing power and storage space to fit your needs.

What is the difference between the different computer types?

Lenovo offers all-in-one, desktops, and laptop models. The Lenovo Thinkcentre desktop comes as a separate unit that must be connected to a display. All-in-one models, however, combine the computer with the monitor. Laptops are portable and contain batteries for use on the go. Desktops and all-in-one products must be connected to a power source continuously to operate. Within each family of products, there are different levels of performance and processing power available. Many affordable options can be found on eBay.

How are desktops paired with a monitor and accessories?

A desktop must be connected to an external monitor. On each Lenovo Thinkcentre desktop there are several ports in the back for you to link the monitor of your choice. The desktop is not limited to a particular size or type of monitor. In addition, the Lenovo Thinkcentre desktop series contains a CD drive as well as several USB ports for support of accessories such as keyboards, mice, and external memory drives. Ethernet ports enable the use of a wired internet connection as well.

What are the different memory storage options available?

Each product family offers a suite of memory options for you to choose from to meet your individual needs. Those who need expanded memory for large files such as videos and photo libraries may opt for products with larger storage capacities. If you only have smaller files and do not need a lot of storage space, a smaller capacity product may do. In addition to internal memory, external hard drives can be used. Some of the different hard drive capacities include the following:

  • 500GB
  • 256GB
  • 1TB
What is the difference between the different speed options?

Products that feature faster processors will generally be able to process information and complete tasks at a faster rate. In addition, the amount of RAM that a machine has will enable for quicker memory access and enable for better performance when using multiple applications at once. Prior to purchase, you may want to evaluate your personal usage habits to determine what the best option is for you.

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