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What You Need to Know When Buying Vintage Leitz Binoculars

Vintage Leitz binoculars are a gem to find. Made by Ernst Leitz and his binocular company, these binoculars were once used by German hunters and avid birdwatchers in the 1900s. You can find vintage Leitz binoculars on eBay for reasonable prices.

Where were Leitz binoculars made?

Leitz binoculars are a German-made product. The history of these vintage binoculars starts in Germany. These binoculars were made during World Wars I and II by a man named Ernst Leitz. The company now exists under the name Leica, and this company still provides quality binoculars to hunters and birdwatchers.

What are the different types of Leitz binoculars?

Binoculars have two numbers that indicate what that specific model does. The first number tells the magnification number and the second tells the lens size. So if a Leitz binocular description says its a 7x35, it has a magnification quality of 7 and a lens size of 35mm. The Leitz binoculars come in many sizes, but the most common are:

  • Full size 8x42-10x50: These binoculars are large and used for big wildlife hunting and boat fishing.
  • Medium size 7x35-10x32: A great option for wildlife hunting and sports, this size of binoculars are perfect for carrying in a bag.
  • Compact size 8x25-10x25: The smallest of the binocular sizes, these are ideal for bird watching and everyday use. Use them on hikes to get a good view of scenery or small animals.

All original cases are made with real leather and have the Leitz name stamped on the bags. They also come with a strap for easy carrying.

Can you use vintage binoculars?

Depending on the age and condition of your Leitz binoculars, most of the binoculars are still usable. Conditions range from scratched or cloudy to being in mint condition, so make sure you read the descriptions of the conditions before buying. Mostly, the older they are, the less you will probably want to use them. You can choose to buy a newer one and use it, or you can buy an older one simply to keep as part of a collection.

What is the price range for vintage Leitz binoculars?

Since Leitz binoculars are an increasingly rare and vintage item, the binoculars usually go for a higher price. The price range can be very cheap to rather expensive. The prices will vary based on age, condition, and the type of binocular it is. Also, some Leitz binoculars are sold with the original case it was made with. So this will affect the price as well.

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