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LeapFrog Developmental Baby Toys

LeapFrog produces toys for babies of all ages. They manufacture a variety of toys that are designed to be both entertaining and educational, and can help stimulate mental development in children.

What age ranges are these LeapFrog systems for?

  • 6-12 months: At six months, your baby is starting to explore the world around her. It is interested in toys that encourage reaching and interaction. Babies this age like toys that light up, play music, and talk. As your baby gets closer to its first birthday, it will like toys that encourage movement, such as crawling and pulling up.
  • 18-24 months: Once your child enters the toddler years, it is on the move. It will love toys that encourage it to get up and dance. At this age, your baby is also learning to count and sing the alphabet. It will typically enjoy toys that help him with these new skills.
  • 2 years and up: Once your child has hit the 2-year mark, play becomes all about imagination. Your child will love toys that allow it to make up stories, pretend to be an animal, or act like an adult. Kids this age respond well to games. Children at this age are also eager to learn their letters, counting, and other early reading and math skills.

What types of learning do LeapFrog toys encourage?

LeapFrog toys encourage all forms of developmental learning, including both physical and academic. Their products have a focus on technology and promoting interactive games. Many items focus on more than one learning goal, such as moving while learning about animals. Many children, regardless of their age or mental ability, can benefit from LeapFrog’s stimulating toys.

What types of toys does LeapFrog make?

LeapFrog makes a wide variety of products and games for kids, including the following:

  • LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Activity Table: This table will have your kid get excited about pulling up so that she can press the buttons to flash the lights and play music. This table also helps your child learn Spanish words.
  • LeapFrog Scribble and Write Tablet: This tablet helps kids with learning letters and numbers and has a screen where they can practice writing. The tablet gives kids a letter or number to trace and provides instant feedback.
  • LeapFrog My Own Leaptop: This laptop helps with reading and mathematics skills through fun and educational games.
  • LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo: This educational wheel helps kids learn their letters and animals.
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