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Core i3 3rd Gen LGA 1155 Computer Processor

Intel introduced its first microprocessor in 1971, and it continues to offer a wide variety of central processing units with varying capabilities. Intel’s Ivy Bridge family of CPUs was announced in September of 2012 and includes several different models of Core i7, i5, and i3 processors. Intel discontinued production of its Ivy Bridge family, but you can still find these available.

How many models of the Core i3 are available?

Core i3 3rd Gen CPU processors in the Ivy Bridge line are part of the Legacy Intel Core Processors, but Intel created six different standard power models and three low power models of this CPU. For both low and standard power models, the CPU contains two cores, two 256 KiB L2 caches, a 3 MiB L3 cache, and a DMI 2.0 I/O bus. The standard power models include 55 W TDP, while the low power variants offer 35 W TDP. The clock speed ranges from 2.8 GHz for the lower power model to a high of 3.5 GHz on the standard power model. They also include either an HD Graphics 2500 or 4000 GPU.

What is Ivy Bridge architecture?

Intel introduced the Ivy Bridge family in 2012, which superseded the previous Sandy Bridge line of processors. Ivy Bridge CPUs were smaller than their predecessors, measuring only 22 nm compared to 32 nm. They also offered higher minimum and maximum clock speeds, with a new low of 2.8 GHz and a maximum of 3.5 GHz, as well as updated graphics cards. They used the same size of motherboard socket, the LGA 1155. Ivy Bridge CPUs also offer improved security features, including a digital random number generator, useful for cryptographic algorithms, as well as Supervisory Mode Execute Protection, which presents additional obstacles to attackers attempting to access your computer's memory.

Will this work on any computer?

All models of the Intel i3 3rd Gen CPU can pair with an LGA 1155 socket. If your motherboard has one of these, you may be able to use this processor, but if not, you may have to use a different CPU.

What are the CPU’s graphics capabilities?

3rd-generation Intel core processors include improved graphics capabilities compared to their predecessors. They come capable of running Microsoft DirectX 11 and have a graphic frequency ranging from a base of 650 MHz to a maximum of 1050 MHz with the Dynamic Frequency Feature.

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