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Choosing the Right Phone Case for Your LG Phone

LG and other manufacturers offer a variety of covers for your LG phone. Some of these might be useful for protecting your phone's screen and other components or as a way to customize your LG phone. If you are searching for a case for your phone, knowing some of the available design options and features may help you find the one that works for you.

What materials are they available in?

Each case has different textures, colors, and properties to suit your situation and style. Some common materials you may find during your search for a phone case can include:

  • Metal: Metal covers are lightweight and can come in shiny or matte finishes.
  • Rubber: These LG cases usually have a spongy, flexible texture that insulates the phone and may include additional silicone or gel materials.
  • Canvas: LG phone cases made from canvas include woven materials, such as cotton or linen.
  • Carbon fiber: This creates a rigid yet lightweight, LG phone case.
  • Leather: Some phone covers use soft, flexible leather in their construction.
What types of LG phone covers can you choose?

You may wish to look for phone case by type. Each type can be designed to perform in different ways. Some common types of cases you may find during your search include:

  • 3D: A 3D case is one that has been printed using a 3D printer. It may feature raised 3D designs or images that stand out from the body of the case.
  • Flip: A flip case has a front flap that goes over your phone's screen as a protector when closed. You can flip it back to view the screen and interact with the phone without removing the device from its case.
  • Battery: This type of case is a back panel, which serves as both a protector for the LG phone as well as a battery-charging unit.
  • Wristlet: A wristlet case may be shaped similarly to a wallet or purse and include a strap that hangs from your wrist.
What patterns are available?

Once you've chosen the type of phone case that has the features you want, you can choose the overall pattern or design to match your personal tastes. Some common patterns you may come across during your search include:

  • Multicolor: These designs have multiple plain colors that mix together to form unique patterns.
  • Flowers: You may find cases with flower designs that include roses, daffodils, or hibiscus.
  • Animals: Some cases include animal designs like zebras, butterflies, or cats.