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LG Boost Mobile Cell Phones & Smartphones

Powerful and Versatile LG Boost Mobile Cell Phones

LG produces a line of smartphones that is branded as the G series. These phones are available with various storage capacities and styles and work on the Android operating system. Boost Mobile is a prepaid mobile service provider, and the G series phones from LG are compatible with Boost Mobile service plans, making it easy for you to find just the right phone for your needs, whether youre looking for an awesome camera or long battery life.

What models are available?

LG produced a number of G series phones. These phones come in a number of colors and storage capacities. All of these phones are compatible with Boost Mobiles cell phone service. Below is a list of some of the G series LG phones available:

  • Stylo 2
  • Tribute HD
  • Volt
  • G Stylo
  • Tribute 2
What colors and styles are available?

The G series smartphones come in a variety of colors including black, white, grey, blue, and silver. Some of the models may come with all of these color options, while other models may come in select colors.

What are the technical specs?

All of the G series phones operate on the Android system. That means that the device will be able to download and operate apps from the Android app store. Android is an operating system developed by Google. Therefore, Google apps such as Google Drive, Google Maps, and Google Assistant will work on the device. The devices may have various storage capacities ranging from 4GB to 64GB. If you like to store many videos, songs, and documents on the device, then it is recommended that you select a device with higher storage capacity. Stylo model devices may come with a stylus that will allow you to interface with the device with a penlike device. Select smartphones will operate on the 4G network.

What is Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile is a prepaid mobile service. That means you dont have to pay a long-term contract in order to use your smartphone service. There is a month-to-month service option. However, there is no penalty if you wish to opt out of the contract. Boost Mobile offers talk, data, and text services as a package or individually.

How big are the screens?

The G series of devices offer screens of various sizes. The size of the screens range from 5 inches to 5.7 inches. The larger screen option may be preferable for people who wish to watch videos or view social media on their smartphone. The smaller screen may be preferable for people who want a more portable device.

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