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Kohler RV & Marine Industrial Generators for Reliable Off-Grid Power

If you're searching for a way to keep your RV or boat powered even when you aren't connected to the electrical grid, one of these powerful Kohler generators available on eBay may do the trick. Make sure that you get set up with the right generator by observing these answers to common customer questions.

How do these generators operate?

The generators in this category convert fuel into AC electrical energy. These devices combust gas or diesel in their engines to produce electricity, and they connect to your RV's or your boat's electrical grid. Once your generator is operating, you will be able to connect AC items to the plugs in your RV or boat, and they will operate in the same manner that they would if they were plugged into outlets in your home. Since these marine and RV devices use relatively advanced technology, they are not as loud as similar devices that use more conventional mechanisms.

How much energy do these generators produce?

The marine and RV Kohler devices among these listings produce varying amounts of electrical power. While the amount of power produced varies from model to model, most models are designed to produce enough energy to power an entire RV or boat. To give you an idea of how much electricity these gas and diesel Kohler devices produce, here are a few examples of common power ratings of devices found within this category:

  • 3,000 watts
  • 5,000 watts
  • 7,000 watts
  • 10,000 watts
  • 20,000 watts

As you search through the options available on eBay, you should also keep in mind that power ratings for these Kohler devices are sometimes listed in kilowatts.

How do you pick the right generator?

The most important factor to consider as you select from among these affordable Kohler devices is your intended application. If you want to have a generator for industrial purposes, the size of the device you pick doesn't matter as much. However, if you're searching for a device for your RV or boat, you'll need to make sure that the device you like will fit inside of your land-based or water-based recreational vehicle.

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