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Kim Kardashian Perfumes for Women

Reality TV personality and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian has launched several perfumes for women, beginning with the debut of her Kim Kardashian Signature Fragrance in 2009. This perfume blends scents including jacaranda wood, sandalwood, jasmine, and tuberose. Three perfumes based on her favorite flower - Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus, and Crystal Gardenia Oud - joined Kardashian's fragrance family in 2017 under the KKW Beauty brand in bottles resembling quartz crystals.

What are some other types of Kim Kardashian perfume?

Additional fragrances for women include:

  • True Reflections by Kim Kardashian: This perfume comes in a bottle with a crystal shape and triangle designs. It is offered in two sizes, 1.7 ounces and 3.4 ounces. It has a blended balance of fruity and floral scents, including patchouli, Italian bergamot, plum, night-blooming gardenia, chocolate orchid, peach, and lotus flower.
  • Glam by Kim Kardashian: This perfume was designed to celebrate the strength of a woman. It is made with a mix of scents including sandalwood, pink watermelon, star jasmine, orris butter, and multiple citrus fruits.
  • Gold by Kim Kardashian: This perfume is packaged in a gold and black bottle. Pink pepper, grapefruit, and bergamot are its most noticeable scents. The middle notes are jasmine, violet, patchouli, and rose. The base notes are musk, benzoin, amber, and Australian sandalwood.
  • Kim Kardashian Pure Honey: This fragrance combines floral scents of red rose, freesia, mandarin blossom, honeysuckle, and orchid with a coconut undertone.
  • Limited-edition KKW Kimoji Hearts Perfumes called Bae, BFF, and Ride or Die in blue, pink, and purple containers, respectively, shaped like candy hearts were released in time for Valentine's Day 2018.
How can you identify authentic versions of Kim Kardashian’s perfumes?

Kim Kardashian’s fragrances are embossed with the trademarked KK or KKW logo and her name underneath. Her logo is also imprinted on each box of perfume. True Reflections is packaged in a gold box embellished with triangles and an image of Kim Kardashian. Glam comes in a pink box with the Kim Kardashian trademarked logo.

How long do Kim Kardashian perfumes last?

All of Kim Kardashian’s perfumes for women are made to last for several hours. The recipes for the perfumes are specifically blended for long-term use. The perfume can last for approximately 2 years, depending on the size of the bottle and how much is used for each application. A 1.7-ounce bottle of perfume is said to provide an average of 735 sprays.