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Juicy Couture Women's Fragrances

Some women wear Couture perfume daily, while others choose to indulge for special occasions or a night on the town. The scent you wear can be fun and flirtatious or dramatic and mysterious, depending on your mood. There are a variety of Juicy Couture women's fragrances to choose from like La Juicy or Viva La Juicy Noir; and they are available in sprays, solids, and roll-on oils.

What’s the difference between eau de toilette and parfum?

Parfum, or perfume, is the most concentrated form of a fragrance. It tends to be a bit oilier and thicker. Parfum is typically available in a bottle with a stopper. That’s because the fragrance is stronger and longer lasting. The fragrance in eau de toilette is diluted and typically sold as a spray. Cologne, or eau de cologne, is less concentrated than eau de toilette.

When should you apply Couture fragrance?

Juicy Couture perfume should be applied to clean, hydrated skin. You have the option of using an unscented moisturizer, or a moisturizer created to match your selected fragrance. Applying your fragrance before getting dressed reduces the risk of staining your fabrics.

How should Couture fragrances be stored?

Taking care of your Juicy Couture perfume can extend the life of your product. Couture fragrances should be stored in a cool location away from direct sunlight. Heat, light, and humidity can degrade the scent. Many women find that placing their Juicy Couture fragrances in a decorative box keeps their fragrance from spoiling. Under the right circumstances, your Couture fragrance could retain its original scent for three to five years.

What can help a fragrance last longer on the skin?

There are several measures you can take to extend the life of your Juicy Couture fragrance. Many women find that layering their Juicy scent improves the longevity. For example, you may want to invest in the bath products and lotions available to match your perfume. Applying more than one fragrant product can extend the life of your fragrance. Other recommendations include:

  • Dab a bit of Vaseline on your skin before applying perfume.
  • Spray your hairbrush and run the scent through your hair.
  • Avoid rubbing your wrist together when applying perfume to reduce the likelihood of the top notes disappearing faster.
How do you use a solid perfume?

Solid perfume has been mixed with a cream or wax, rather than having been diluted with alcohol and water. Solid perfumes give you more control over where the scent is applied. To use a fragrance in its solid form, simply rub your finger against the fragrance and dab the scent on your pulse points. Many women prefer the portable, solid version of their favorite fragrance for travel.

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