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What You Need to Know When It is Time to Purchase a Jacob & Co. Diamond Wristwatch

Jacob & Co. diamond wristwatches provide superb craftsmanship and make a powerful statement piece to give as a present or to treat yourself to a fashion accessory that speaks volumes while perfectly keeping time. Beyond a status symbol, these classic timepieces give you an aura of commanding elegance and up-to-the-minute fashion. Find affordable new and pre-owned Jacob & Co. diamond wristwatches on eBay.

How should you select a Jacob & Co. diamond watch?

Select your Jacob & Co. five-time zone diamond watch according to your style preference. Some design elements to consider in your selection include the following:

  • A watch face with colour elements or a monotone look
  • Designs for men, women, or unisex
  • A single or five-time zone setting
  • Bezel bracelet element
  • Metal accents such as sterling silver, rose gold, or steel
Which time zones do the five-time zone wristwatches feature?

Jacob & Co. is known for its bold looks that are worn by many hip-hop artists and sports stars. Capturing its celebrated clients jet-setting lifestyles, the company devised one of its standout styles, which is known as the "five-time zone watch". The Jacob & Co. five-time zone diamond watch shows four fixed time zones—New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Los Angeles—with the fifth dial to be customized to the location of your choice.

Has the Jacob & Co. diamond watch won design awards?

Jacob & Co crafted the “The World is Yours" timepiece that has been honoured with the Travel + Leisure Design Award. The Jacob & Co. full diamond watch is a movable timepiece that is a timeless work of art. These watches provide contemporary styling that is designed to keep up with your busy and demanding lifestyle.

What influences the Jacob & Co. diamond watch price?

The Jacob & Co. diamond watch price varies according to make and model as well as whether the timepiece is new or gently worn. The Jacob & Co. full diamond watch combines the rugged beauty of real diamonds with timepieces in styles designed for both men and women since 2002. Generally, you can expect used Jacob & Co. diamond wristwatches to cost a bit less than new ones.

Are Jacob & Co. full diamond watch diamonds fair trade?

Yes. Jacob & Co. acquire their diamonds from countries that are active and proud members of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), which is an international monitoring system whose goal is to stem the flow of conflict diamonds. KPCS diamonds come with Gemological Institute of America authenticity reports.

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