Ingersoll Rand Automotive Air Compressors

You may wonder why you would need an air compressor in your garage and the answer is simple—it will make your work life easier. It is used to inflate tires quickly and for powering tools such as an air impact wrench, air ratchet, brad nailer, grinder, and even a small sander to name a few. In addition, air tools are more comfortable to the user because they often weigh less due to the power source not being part of the tool itself. Ingersoll Rand uses only superior components in each of its air compressors. When you shop for an Ingersoll Rand air compressor, you can be sure you will be getting a high-quality product that will last for years. The brand features several different types and styles of compressors, so you are sure to find the exact one for your garage.


An Ingersoll Rand two stage air compressor is a machine that uses two cylinders. It increases the amount of air in a confined space which builds pressure and generates power. Compared to other compressors, a two stage unit is more energy efficient because it uses more air power which generates less heat. Because there is only a low amount of heat produced by this type of compressor, there is less wear and tear on the equipment.

Go Vertical

When space is at a minimum, consider going with an Ingersoll Rand vertical air compressor. It takes up less floor space than other styles and can easily be placed in a corner, so its within reach yet still out of the way of the day-to-day operations of the shop. The height of the unit depends on the size of the tank. 

Go Horizontal

If space isnt a consideration, then an Ingersoll Rand horizontal air compressor may be what you need. The advantage of this style is that it can be pushed under a table or up against a wall under shelving units. Often this style is easier to move from one location to another because it isnt as tall and fits into the back of a truck or work van easier than the vertical style. No matter which model you pick, you cant go wrong with an Ingersoll Rand air compressor.