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Hobby RC Tank and Military Vehicle Models and Kits

Radio-control modeling is a safe, fun hobby that can be enjoyed by those interested in vehicles and how they are made. Fans of tanks and other military vehicles can build and maintain miniature versions that can be controlled by radio. With advanced components and special designs, there are RC models that can travel by air, land, and sea.

What RC tank and military vehicle kits are available?

Theres a wide variety of model kits featuring military tanks and trucks that offer a number of features like smoke, lighting, and sound. The models are made of metal and plastic, and are available in 1:6, 1:16, and 1:24 scales to actual tanks and trucks. In the collection, youll find many models of actual vehicles like Sherman tanks, Leopard battle tanks, and more. There is a wide selection of brands along with vehicles available in colors like beige, black, camouflage, gray, green, metallic, and multicolored. Other color options include silver, yellow, and more.

Are the models already assembled or is assembly required?

The modeling kits are available in varying states of readiness.

  • Almost Ready/ARR: Generally, this means that the kit is 75% to 80% built. What remains to be done is typically the installation of radio gear, including the receiver and servos, building the links to the steering and throttle, occasionally installing the engine or motor, securing the tires to the rims to be placed on the car, and finally painting the vehicle body.
  • Ready to Go/RTR: Typically, this means that the vehicle is ready to go or ready to run in 30 minutes or less. What is involved in preparation varies from one kit to another.
  • Unassembled: This is a kit that requires complete assembly, which is often preferred by experienced hobbyists and enthusiasts.
How do you select your first RC vehicle kit?

Many hobbyists enjoy RC vehicles, as there are no speed limits or stop signs. You can craft a vehicle thats modern, historical, or futuristic for play, competition, and enjoyment.

When getting started, the first things to be considered are your budget and skill level. In taking at a look at the costs of various kits, you can get an idea of what types of kits you can easily afford. Once thats determined, you can ascertain which kits offer beginner level or easy assembly to make your introduction to RC vehicles a positive, empowering experience.

Doing your homework is also recommended, as RC vehicles offer a myriad of fun and fascinating features. As you learn, you can research custom paint jobs, stunts, hop-up options, racing methods, and much more.

What is meant by radio channels in RC vehicles?

In the world of RC vehicles, the term channel means two things. On one hand, it refers to the number of channels a given radio has. A two-channel plane remote could have control of the motor and rudder, while a three-channel plane remote might control elevator, motor, and rudder. On the other hand, channel means the frequency channel your RC systems is operating on. There is less emphasis on this, as 2.4 GHz radios are commonly replacing the MHz controls of the past.