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Transport Massive Cargo Using Heavy Equipment Tires

Heavy equipment tires allow your industrial equipment to move large loads of debris or parts across difficult terrain or various construction sites. Understanding how wheels such as Bobcat tires might differ from standard packages and what they can do will help you find the right ones for your personal or professional needs. eBay carries a wide selection of new and used heavy equipment tires to outfit your skid steers and other vehicles.

Which types of vehicles can use heavy tires?

Several kinds of industrial equipment use heavy tires to carry loads. You can browse eBay's listings to find affordable tires that are designed to fit each of your vehicles. Some of the most common types of heavy equipment tires you will find are:

  • Skid steer - Skid steers are small vehicles that can take on a variety of attachments designed to save on manual labor. Skid steer tires can vary slightly in size according to the model. See the manufacturer site for details. Both 10x16 5 skid steer tires and 12x16 5 skid steer tires are available.
  • Backhoe - A backhoe includes a long arm and digging bucket to assist with excavation tasks. 11L, 15L, and 19.5L designation tires are often compatible with various backhoe loaders.
  • Forklifts - Forklifts work well for moving industrial materials across short distances. Carlisle, Deestone, Duro, Genie, and Skyjack are some makers of forklift tires.
Construction options for heavy equipment tires

When considering the kinds of 10x16 5 skid steer tires or other options you should get, how the part is constructed might be of interest to you. The two main construction types for skid steer tires and similar things include:

  • Radial - Piles or belts on radial 10 16.5 skid steer tires and the like run at precise right angles to each other. They also overlap each other instead of just crossing.
  • Bias - Most tires used in industrial or construction settings tend to have a bias construction. Bias tires include layers or piles of belts that run at various angles to each other.
Choosing the right tire code

All industrial tires or over the tire skid steer tracks feature codes that can provide you with useful information. The letters or numbers on the tires can tell you some of their properties and how they might work on your heavy vehicle. If you already have specific types of tires in mind, you can use the helpful categories on eBay to look for new or used ones that have the designations you desire. In most cases, codes such as R-1 or R-1W give you some idea of the tread depth of your skid steer tires.