Hair Color Products

Brighten Up Your Style With Hair Color Products

Whether you want to dye your hair a trendy pastel shade or simply cover up your roots, selecting the right hair color products is essential. The options range from temporary products to permanent dyes, available in numerous shades and formulations. Armed with the perfect dye for your hair type and style goals, you can achieve a great DIY dye job.

What are the main types of hair dyes?

When choosing a hair color product, you can choose between options such as:

  • Temporary dye: Temporary color is designed to wash out after one or two shampoos. These shades often come in bright colors like pink, blue, and purple, giving you a temporary way to sport trendy locks.
  • Semi-permanent dye: Semi-permanent dyes offer longer-lasting results than temporary shades without requiring the commitment of permanent dyes. These dyes, which last about eight shampoos, aren't formulated with ammonia, which can damage hair. In fact, semi-permanent products are often good for hair, adding shine and gloss.
  • Demi-permanent dye: Like semi-permanent options, demi-permanent dyes do not require ammonia. They do, however, use ammonia-free developing agents to penetrate the hair.
  • Permanent dye: For the longest-lasting results, permanent hair dye can't be beat. Through a complex chemical process, the permanent dye penetrates deep into the hair, permanently lightening, darkening, or toning your hair.
Can henna be used to dye hair?

Henna is a hypoallergenic, natural dye ideal for anyone with delicate hair or worries about chemical processing. While henna dye can't be used to lighten hair, it can provide hair with a lustrous red or brown hue.

What hair color formulations are available?

Hair color products come in a variety of formulations, such as:

  • Cream: Most semi-permanent and permanent dyes come in cream formulations. A moisture-infused shade may be applied to the hair as a color-depositing conditioner or dye mixed with a developing agent to create a cream applied to the hair.
  • Spray: You can find temporary spray-on hair color in many fun shades.
  • Chalk: Temporary hair colors are also available in chalk formulations, which let you draw the color right onto the hair.
  • Powder: Bleach and root cover-up products can be purchased in powder form.
What hair color products work for root cover-up?

If you want to touch up your roots, there are temporary and permanent options. Semi-permanent dyes can cover roots for a few shampoos and don't damage graying hair, which can be more delicate. There are also root cover-up sprays, concealers, and pens for last-minute touch-ups. For a more lasting solution, consider permanent dye.