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HTC Evo 4G Smartphones

HTC Evo 4G Smartphones

With a smartphone, you can be provided with instant and rapid internet access to browse the web, check and send emails, and more. These smartphones can be equipped with such features as touchscreens, a speakerphone, and GPS capabilities. These smartphones can also come with single-core, dual-core, or octa-core processors.

What are some features available with these smartphones?

Smartphones can be equipped with a wide array of features, such as the inclusion of 3G and 4G capabilities. Nearly all smartphone models come with such features as an internet browser, a music player, and a camera. The cameras that are available with these mobile phones can be found at the front of the device or on the rear of the smartphone. Some models are equipped with dual SIM card support along with voice-activated dialing and a QWERTY keyboard. Almost all models are outfitted with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, and the vast majority include mini USB ports and headphone jacks. The available screen size ranges from 3.5 inches to just under 5 inches. Some models include a slot that allows for the hookup of a micro SD card.

Which colors do these HTC smartphones come in?

These smartphones are available in a number of different colors, the primary of which include silver and black. Some of the additional color options that you can select include blue, white, and red. These HTC Evo smartphones can also come in multiple colors with combinations like white and black and red and black.

What are the different phone styles available to select from?
  • Bar: This is a style of smartphone wherein the majority of the front of the device consists of the screen and display with a small bar at the top and bottom. The keyboard is activated by pressing on the screen.
  • Slider: This is a style that involves sliding the top of the smartphone to reveal a keyboard underneath. Depending on the model, the top layer can either be slid vertically or horizontally.
  • Flip: This is a style of phone that involves two sections of the device being held together by a hinge. When opened, the screen is typically at the top with the keyboard being on the lower portion of the device.
How is the storage capacity of an HTC smartphone measured?

When you are searching for the right smartphone, there is a wide range of storage options at your disposal. The storage of a smartphone refers to the space that can be used to store all of the applications you download and files you place on the device. This storage is measured in either kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes. There are 1,000 kilobytes in 1 megabyte and 1,000 megabytes in one gigabyte. The majority of smartphones available for you to select from are equipped with storage amounts that range anywhere from 512 megabytes to 32 gigabytes.

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