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Renew Your Computer with HP Laptop Replacement Parts

If you are repairing or rebuilding your HP laptop, you may need replacement parts. Whether your laptop requires a bigger hard drive, more memory, a higher hertz processor, or a different graphic card technology, HP provides a number of options designed to replace just about every component of your HP laptop and those parts are available at an affordable cost on eBay.

Which HP laptop replacement parts are available?

Below are some of the most commonly replaced and upgraded parts for an HP notebook computer. Each model or product may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturers instructions.

  • Hard drive: HP laptops come with a 7200RPM hard disk drive. These can be replaced with solid state drives (SSDs), depending on the model, or another hard disk drive with more space.
  • Memory: Laptops generally favor 8GB of memory. It is standard for HP to use two sticks. When replacing your memory, its important to maintain two sticks of RAM so as not to affect voltage.
  • Battery: Sometimes a battery is misplaced or finally loses its power. The laptop battery is usually accessible by a panel on the outside of the laptop.
  • Power supply: This provides power to the laptop so that it can run. Even if the laptop is plugged in, a power supply may be required.
  • Accessories: This includes external devices that attach to your laptop, such as a keyboard, mouse, or an external speaker.
Are HP laptop motherboards available?

Yes. Your laptops motherboard may need to be replaced if your laptop hangs on start-up or if it doesnt turn on at all. Other issues may include your laptop running more slowly, unable to connect a device to your motherboard, or voltage issues.

How do you find the right laptop CPU?

The following list can help you decide when its time to replace the CPU on your HP laptop:

  • When you have the increased need for your laptop to handle heavier workloads: Upgrading your processor may boost your HP hardwares performance under heavy workloads. Heavy workloads include anything requiring lots of processing power, such as gaming and video editing.
  • When you require more multitasking power: Replacing your laptop CPU to one with more cores or higher core voltage may increase your computers ability to support multiple operations at once, reducing input and processing lag.
  • When you want to upgrade your operating system: Operating systems have certain minimum requirements needed to run. If you are ready to upgrade your OS, it may be time to upgrade your CPU.
When is it a good idea to buy a used LCD monitor?

Replacing or upgrading the LCD screen with a used LCD monitor on your device is possible and can be a cost-effective option. This may also include the glass digitizer. Used options are available on eBay.

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