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Car and Truck Grilles for Mitsubishi Raider

The grilles on vehicles allow air to pass into the engine compartment while protecting important equipment, such as the engine and radiator, from damage. On a Mitsubishi Raider, a grille can also give the truck a more finished look. If you are interested in purchasing this accessory for your vehicle, make sure you choose the right one for your make, model, and year.

What do grille guards do for a truck?

Grille guards serve the purpose of adding protection to the front of a Mitsubishi truck. The headlights in particular may be preserved by this part if there is a minor accident or mishap. Grille guards can also help to keep headlights and other truck equipment protected from rocks and loose road debris. The shiny finish of a stainless-steel guard also contributes to the aesthetics of the truck, often giving it a rugged look.

What materials are truck grilles made of?

Grilles for the Mitsubishi Raider can be purchased in a wide variety of materials, depending on your needs. Common materials that truck grilles may be made from include:

  • ABS plastic.
  • Billet.
  • Sheet aluminum.
  • Aluminum.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Steel.
What colors do the guards come in?

Since numerous makes and models of Mitsubishi vehicles come in different colors, there are also color choices among the grilles. Basic white and various shades of blue are examples. Certain guards can be easily painted, so those who wish to personalize their guards to match both the pickups front and cab can do so.

What is the purpose of bull bars?

Bull bars serve a similar purpose to that of guards. They are actually guards with a different construction. They are placed on a Mitsubishi Raider to increase protection in case of a collision. One key difference is that bull bars are positioned over the middle of the front of the truck. This can provide additional protection for Raider owners who go off-roading in their trucks. The bull bars can protect the vehicle from obstructions and debris encountered in an uncontrolled off-road environment or on a worksite.

What are skid plates?

Skid plates complement grilles and bull bars to accommodate an off-road driver concerned that the undercarriage of his or her Mitsubishi pickup may contact the ground. Since off-road trails may be uneven, the chances of the underside impacting the ground can be far higher than what would be the case on a paved road. Steel and aluminum are two materials a skid plate may be made from. The design of the plates is intended to deliver the necessary strength to protect the underside of the Raider. Therefore, manufacturers use only strong materials.

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