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Infiniti G35 Grilles

The grille of your Infiniti G35 helps show off an elegant look to the vehicles front end as well as providing support for the circulation of air inside the cars engine compartment. If your sedans grille has become damaged, replacement parts are available that can restore the look of your Infiniti model G35. Choose from OEM parts that restore your car to its original look or opt for aftermarket options for a different appearance for your coupe.

Does a grille serve a practical purpose?

Besides adding that touch of attractiveness to your Infiniti, a grille allows air to circulate inside the engine compartment while you drive and keep everything from getting too hot. A grille also offers some protection in case of a collision and efficiently hides your Infiniti’s innards. Though car aficionados may love the sight of what is under a car’s hood, most people prefer the look of the grille.

Is it easy to install a grille on the G35?

In order to install the grille on your Infiniti coupe, you will need to remove all bolts and rivets from the radar cover panel and the side panels, remove the bolts from the sides of the coolant fluid tank, and take the radiator cover off. Cover the grille shell with black tape, center the new grille over the shell, and use washers and tabs to secure it. If your Infiniti has a lower bumper grill, there’s a similar but less involved procedure to put on a new cover.

How are the plastic grille and billet grille different?

You may be surprised to learn that the OEM grille that you are probably going to replace or cover with the billet grille is made of plastic. It is made to look like metal, but it is still very tough. The billet grille is made of metal, which can be aluminum or stainless steel. Both metal and plastic do the work of a grille very well.

How are aluminum and stainless-steel grilles different?

Both aluminum and stainless steel resist corrosion, and both can be polished to a bright shine. Aluminum is the more common of the two, though it is almost always alloyed with another metal that makes it stronger and less subject to corrosion. 5xxx aluminum is alloyed with magnesium and 6xxx aluminum is alloyed with silicon and magnesium.

Stainless steel gets both its brightness and its stain resistance from being alloyed with chromium. There are two types of stainless steel used for grilles. One is 409 and the other is 304, and 304 has more chromium.

Can you put the Infiniti emblem on your grille?

You can put the Infiniti emblem on your grille simply. If you have an old emblem that you want to remove, you have to take off all the bolts and undo the clips of the radiator cover. Make sure you have a plastic container to hold the bolts and clips you remove. Loosen the coolant container enough to slide the cover out. The emblem is held to the grill by two clips, and they are easy to pop. If the grill is a bit dirty, clean it before installing the new one. When everything is cleaned up, just push the emblem into place, and the clips will simply grab onto it.