Tapetes de moderno gris

Gray Modern Shag Area Rugs

Hardwood floors are the dream of many homeowners, but they can be slippery and susceptible to wear in high-traffic regions of your home like the living room. Many people favor the color gray, which is a great neutral color that can work with any accent color you love. When choosing a contemporary gray area rug for your home, youll want to consider a few factors that will influence your choice of design.

Where will the contemporary area rug be placed?

The room itself will be a huge factor in deciding which rug you choose. If the gray wool rug and rug pad is to be placed near the door, that means you have to worry about the type of tufted material. Choose a dense tufting in this case that is designed to stand up to high traffic. Sparser tufting can be used for accent rugs in seldom-used sections of rooms and occasionally used guest rooms.

How do you choose a rug based on room size?

When placing a wool rug, such as an ivory and gray pattern shag rug, it should be measured so that there is space left over along the smallest wall. If the room is 10 x 12 feet, the tufted pattern area rug should be not wider than 8 feet. The rug can go the length of the long side of the room or have equal spacing on all four sides from the walls, depending on your preference. Area rugs can also be used to define areas in rooms, like the TV watching area in a living/dining room with an open floor plan.

How do you pick contemporary rug sizes for conversation areas?

In the dining room, youll want a wool area rug and rug pad that fits under the chairs. In the living room, the rug sizes will depend on the seating area youre trying to define with the patterned gray area rug. The rug and rug pad should be large enough to fit under the front of the furniture.

Should the rugs match when in the same room?

When defining two areas with shag, wool, or tufted modern gray area rugs, they dont have to match at all. They should be close in color or material though. If you have a gray area rug and rug pad, you can use a silver or white in another part of the room. With a shaggy motif, you can choose ivory, gray, or silver.

How much foot traffic can the rugs take?

Another consideration for your gray modern area rug is the environment it will see. A shag area rug near the door might not be the best idea. Itll see too much foot traffic. A wool rug design with rug pad would be a better fit. Dont forget the rug pad so people dont slip walking into your home.