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Glo-Brite Car and Truck Side Marker Lights

Glo-Brite car and truck side marker lights help keep your vehicle safe with easy to see clearance lighting. The Glo-Brite brand has a long tradition for making a full range of lights to fulfill customer needs. Whether you a need a marker light or LED for the side of a truck, car, or trailer, look to Glo-Brite for replacement parts.

What is the purpose of side marker lights?

Marker lights are placed on the sides and backs of cars and trucks. During nights and times of poor visibility, headlights are not enough. Marker lights help other drivers and pedestrians gauge the length of your car or truck and make driving decisions, such as making sure there is enough clearance to safely pass or enough clearance to park aside your truck.

What are Glo-Brite lights made from?

Glo-Brite side markers are made of a single bulb with either a carbon filament or an LED light. The bulb has a socket and a small frame that is usually made of a hard plastic and may include chrome trim. The marker is usually covered by a lens. The frame is designed to fit a specific auto make and model. It attaches directly to the car, trailer, or trucks quarter panel or fender. The light or LED is powered through wires that hook up directly to the trucks electrical power supply.

What is the color significance of marker lights?

Typically, an amber light or LED is attached to the front of a vehicle while red is used in the rear. The light color is significant because a standardized use of colors makes it easier for fellow drivers and pedestrians to know what to expect. Think of it this way. Amber lights mean caution. If you are passing a truck and see amber lights next to you, be cautious to allow clearance before changing lanes. Red is a warning. If you see these lights beside you when passing and headlights in oncoming traffic on a two lane road, that is your warning you may want to slow down and fall back because you may not have clearance to pass.

Do Glo-Brite markers fit vintage vehicles?

Glo-Brite car and truck marker lights and LEDs are custom designed to fit specific makes, models, and years. This includes vintage trucks, trailers, and cars. Before completing your purchase, make sure you know these details, as well as what color of light is needed, such as amber. You may also need to know from what side of the truck you need the replacement light. In some cases, it does not matter if you are replacing a left or right LED or light, but automobiles where the marker light wraps around the corner of the auto may have a different part number on each side.