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Choose a Garrett Pinpointer for Your Future Metal Detection Needs

If you want plenty of features in handheld metal detectors, check out the selection of Garrett Propointers on eBay. They are waterproof and feature a high-powered LED flashlight for low lighting. There are also plenty of other features that make this type of metal detector convenient for treasure hunters and businesses alike.

How far can the Garrett Pinpointer go underwater?

The Garrett Pinpointer is waterproof up to 10 feet. It is a useful metal detector for treasure hunters who want to venture out into the water but don’t want to have to bother with bulky metal detectors or models that can’t be exposed to water. It also features a 360-degree detection area so that you can accurately find even small objects hidden in the sand or areas with debris.

Is the Garrett Pinpointer battery operated?

The Garrett Pinpointer works with a 9-volt battery. It is a cost-effective solution that can be quickly changed while out in the field. This model is easier to service and operate than the traditional style of a metal detector. To avoid overuse of the battery, the device is programed to shut off after five minutes of warning chirps that begin after five minutes of no activity. Once another five minutes of no activity pass, the device will shut off automatically to preserve battery life. This feature is helpful for people who want a metal detector that isn’t going to go through batteries quickly. The batteries are also 9 volts, so you can easily find a replacement and carry a few along with you while you are out in the field.

Is this metal detector sensitive enough to detect small objects?

This is the perfect metal detector for detecting a variety of sizes of metal objects. It has three different sensitivity settings so even small object like nuggets will be detected. You can use this product in a variety of setting and terrains. If you are looking for a hand-held metal detector that can deliver results without being overly bulky, then you may want to consider purchasing one of these on eBay.

What are some other features of the Garrett Pinpointer?

The Garrett Pinpointer is handy for a variety of uses like finding lost belongings, treasure hunting, and educational expeditions. Some of the features available on a Garrett Pinpointer include:

  • Fast retune
  • Single button operation
  • Waterproof up to 10 feet
  • 360-degree detection field
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