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Ford Car and Truck Dash Parts

Auto parts that are found in the dash are fundamental for observing performance or safety features. Accessories can help you to manage entertainment items and enhance passenger comfort. With a wide selection of Ford car and truck dash parts available to choose from, finding the right parts is easy.

How do you find matching parts for your dash?

You may need to reference the trucks model number to choose an exact match for truck parts or accessories. Dashboards have several parts that can be replaced altogether or individually, including:

  • Dashboard Padding: Depending on the model of your truck, the dash pad is found at the top of the entire component.
  • Air Vents: This may be found on the face of the dash, the top or sides of the dashboard.
  • Multi-instrument Panel: This is usually found on the drivers side of a truck or car. The location may vary for each model.
  • Entertainment Features: These may include the radio, global positioning systems, LCD monitors and other related systems.
  • Storage Compartment: Also known as the glove compartment, this is also a component of the dash.
Is there a difference between dash parts and auto accessories?

Knowing the difference between dash parts and related accessories can help you save a lot of time. Essential car parts are needed for your car to function properly inside and out. An accessory, on the other hand, is a nonessential part that can be added on to enhance the look and functionality of the dash.

What is included in dash parts?

The dash is included in an array of auto parts and categories that may be replaced. It has a broad design consisting of various back, front, and top components. You can find the driver’s instrumentation that displays speed, fuel levels and distance traveled on the front. Also, vehicle entertainment features and parts may be found at the center of the dash.

  • Dash Trims: There are several types of trims available depending on the model of your car. The trim is for appearance and function. It is used to help hold the radio and other components in place.
  • Display Indicators: The dial indicators in your truck that tell your speed, RPMs, temperature, and other information are include in the dash.
  • Grilles: This is a part that is used to keep out debris and aim out-flowing air in the desired direction.
  • Trays: Trays are commonly connected to the dash. They are essential for everyday organization and appearance.