Alfombras y alfombras de piso para Mazda CX-9

Floor Mats & Carpets for Mazda CX-9

The Mazda CX-9 is a crossover vehicle that has as much interior space as an SUV but drives like a car. Mazda made the first generation up through 2015 before releasing the second generation. Most of the floor mats available are compatible across all CX-9 models.

What are all-weather floor mats?

Floor mats help you protect the carpets and flooring in your Mazda CX-9. Some have an all-weather design that makes the mats appropriate for drivers in all weather conditions. These mats look like rubber, and the design fits with all models. When you climb in during the winter, the salt and slush on your shoes will not damage the floors. You can also track other debris into your vehicle without causing any damage. These are a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who travels a lot during the different seasons. These mats also come in a number of different color options. You can pick from colors like black, tan, brown, gray, and silver. Some are transparent, and others display the Mazda logo.

What is a tail box pad?

One benefit of owning a Mazda CX-9 is the cargo hold in the back. This provides you with all the space that you need for storing suitcases, sports equipment, and other belongings. Trailer box pads also act like liners and go by the name of cargo liners. A cargo liner fits in this space and covers all the carpet from side to side. It also covers the space between the backseat and the rear door. Cargo liners are usually only compatible with their generation of Mazda models. You will need to look for liners designed for your years model.

How many pieces come in a complete set?

A complete set will come with either four or six floor mats. Four-piece sets come with four mats designed for use in the front and back of the Mazda CX-9. Two of these fit on the drivers side and on the passengers side. One has a unique design that keeps the carpet from rolling up and getting under your feet when using the pedals. Six-piece sets come with trim pieces that you use along the sides of your Mazda. You can also look for two-piece sets that feature mats designed for use in the front seat.

Who makes floor mats for the Mazda CX-9?

When searching for floor mats and carpet that fits your crossover, you can look for products from specific manufacturers. Mazda makes a number of accessories for this vehicle that are original equipment manufacturer parts. Liners will fit in the interior without hanging over the sides or creating tripping hazards. Some products do not have a manufacturers label and are unbranded parts. Floor mats that fit the Mazda CX-9 come from other companies as well. You can look for mats from Husky Liners, FH Group, Lloyd Mats, and others. Those companies make individual floor mats and sets that come with multiple mats.