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Filson Men's Vests

Filson offers a variety of vests designed for casual wear, hunting, and fishing. They are available in different configurations of pockets, styles of fabric, and finishes for each style. The Filson measurement system helps you find the representation and selection of your correct Filson size.

What styles do Filson men's vests come in?

Filson men's vests come in hunting, fishing, and casual varieties. While casual styles typically include a zipper or button closure and two front pockets, fishing and shooting vests include a variety of other features ideal for both activities.

What are the features of a Filson shooting vest?

A typical Filson shooting vest has brightly colored safety fabric built into it for visibility in the woods. Shooting vests have front-loading game bags as well as rear-loading game pockets with blood-proof liners for practicality so that fabric is not stained. Fabric is typically a combination of tin cloth and Ten Mile Cloth, which is water-repellent.

Utility pockets and an interior storage space provide room for essentials aside from game parts. A buckle closure belt and adjustable shoulder straps allow you to secure the fit of the garment to your specifications. A water pouch provides a spot for fluids for extended trips.

What are the features of a typical fishing vest?

A typical Filson fishing vest has snaps on the front and many different places for storage. Expandable bellows and zip, utility, and rear pouches combined allow for maximum storage space. Side tabs allow you to distribute supply weight evenly. A removable sheepskin patch is available for hooking flies onto poles during fly-fishing trips. Cotton webbing is an option for attaching zingers. The material used is usually a combination of dry finish cover cloth, moleskin, and sometimes shearling.

What materials are men's casual styles made from?

Casual styles are often made from down, tin cloth, or different kinds of wool. Casual styles have zippers, snaps, or buttons on the front and vary in color and style. Some styles are simple streamlined silhouettes with buttons while others include inside spots for storage along with front pockets.

How do you know which size Filson garment to select?

These vests are sized according to chest circumference. In order to determine your size, circle a tape measure around your chest about 6 inches below the armpits. If you don_x001A_t have a tape measure, you can mark and use a string and then stretch the string out next to a ruler or yardstick to determine the length. Refer to the fit guide to see which size your measurement equates to.

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