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Land Rover LR3 Car and Truck Exterior Moldings and Trim

Land Rover LR3 car and truck exterior moldings and trim come in a variety of different styles, including window trim, door handles, headlight bezels, rocker panels, side molding, bumper trim, and running boards. Each style serves a slightly different purpose. Trim selections also allow the Land Rover’s owner to highlight his or her own stylistic preferences.

What kinds of window trim exist?

Window borders are made from trim and pillar posts. The posts line the vertical portion of the windows closest to the center of the vehicle. The rest of the window trim borders the sides and bottom of the auto glass. These pieces are frequently available in metallic finishes and neutral solid colors, including black. They are typically made of metal, plastic, or a combination of the two.

What are the qualities of the different door handles?

Door handles come in a variety of styles and finishes as well. The factory models that come on the Land Rover LR3 can be switched out for decorative or functional purposes. Some handle designs are pulled up while others are pulled to the left or right, depending on their placement on the Land Rover.

What types of bezels are available for the LR3?

Headlight bezels are the circular pieces that surround the center bulbs. These come in lots of different finishes, thicknesses, and silhouettes. Some bezels can also be combined with different varieties of lenses to create a plethora of design styles dependent upon the Land Rover owner’s aesthetic preferences.

How do rocker panels and body molding function?

Rocker panels are located on the bottom of the vehicle on the sides. Panels are thicker pieces of trim that are frequently found in metallic finishes to contrast against the rest of the LR3’s paint job. Rocker panels and body side molding are frequently, though not always, paired together. Side molding sits further up on the Rover where the side panels begin to curve downward. The two types of trim work together to define the Land Rover’s shape.

What are qualities of the bumper trim?

Bumper trim is applied to the front of the Land Rover LR3 below the front grille or vent. This trim is typically a color or finish that contrasts with the rest of the Rover to emphasize metallic features like the grille or other hardware on the front of the Land Rover LR3.

What styles of running boards are available?

Running boards are installed below the doors of the Land Rover to assist the driver and passengers with getting in and out of the car. Since the vehicle is large and sometimes lifted onto large tires, the running boards are both functional and decorative. They come in metallic and matte finishes that usually have traction or grip included for safety purposes.