Ropa y accesorios de ejercicio

Workout Clothing for Your Lifestyle

Being both comfortable and stylish while working out is a top priority for a lot of people, and having the right workout clothes and accessories can make you all the more ready for your cardio and strength-training regime. When you're looking for workout gear, you can find T-shirts, headbands, socks, compression sleeves, and more.

Which items should people new to working out buy?

The types of clothing you buy will depend on which activities you want to do and your physical needs. For instance, if you're doing an activity that makes you sweat and you're having difficulties keeping sweat out of your eyes, you might choose to invest in a headband. In general, though, most gym activities can be done in a T-shirt, a pair of tennis shoes, and a pair of shorts, so start out with several sets of those two items. Over time, some people find that they prefer certain types of clothing over others. For instance, you might decide that you like wearing leggings better than wearing shorts and workout tanks better than T-shirts. When you're first starting out, buy limited quantities of items that you're less familiar with, and you can buy more if you find that you like them.

How do I know which brace to buy?

If you have carpal tunnel or a knee injury, you might need to wear a brace while doing certain activities. You should be in communication with your doctor to determine if you need a brace and which type will be best for you. When you're choosing a brace, there are some general things that you should be aware of. For instance, you'll need to choose if you're going to use a rigid brace or a soft one. If your carpal tunnel is severe, you might need to wear the rigid one and forgo any activities that would require you to bend your wrist. If you need to use your wrist for certain activities, talk to your doctor about whether or not you should be doing the activity. You'll probably wear a soft brace for weightlifting.

What accessories and clothing are optional?

When you're choosing workout clothing and accessories, a lot of what you buy comes down to personal taste. For instance, some people find that they really prefer wearing underwear that's specifically designed for workouts because they stay in place better. Women's workout underwear can also reduce the likelihood of a urinary tract infection if they're made from a cotton blend because they'll dry out faster. Other items that some people might want include hats and touchscreen running gloves.