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Edirol Video Mixer: A Guide

Edirol made a name for itself with its top-of-the-line video mixers. The company, in its every release, produced audio-video equipment fitted with state-of-the-art yet intuitive features. Audio-video (AV) industry professionals became fans of the brand as its products are simple to use but are capable of delivering exceptional performance.

What Edirol video mixers are available?

A brand under Japanese audio-video giant Roland, Edirol has released several versions of its video mixers with varying features. Each of its releases came with cutting-edge technology in the world of audio-video mixing. The Edirol video mixer brand has the following models available on eBay:

  • The Edirol V1 video mixer: This mixer is a device made for beginners because it comes with all the essentials in video mixing. It features the capability to mix between up to four video sources with 12 large, backlit buttons and three knob controls for easy manipulation, and it has composite and S-video in/out that are ideal for use in any setting.
  • The Edirol V4 4 channel video mixer with effects: This mixer was designed and made for AV professionals looking for mobility. It comes in a compact design and includes features like Roland's V-Link technology for digital video processing and a MIDI in/out/through for on-the-spot control of video sources with effects and transitions.
  • The Edirol V8: This Edirol video mixer features the capability to mix video coming from eight video sources, a built-in scan converter for direct input of RGB signals, and compatibility with remote controls used for all of the professional AV equipment from Roland.
What are some essential features in an Edirol video mixer?

Audio-video mixing is the process by which audio, video, or both are mixed together with sources coming from various channels. In both audio and video mixing, professionals make use of equipment to easily blend the sources whether they are using a two-channel video mixer or a four-channel video mixer. Industry professionals and AV equipment makers are releasing new Edirol products integrated with the following common features:

  • Multi-channel source capability
  • A wide range of input/output
  • An ability to process digital video coming from various sources
What are the parts of an Edirol video mixer?

Video mixer, also known as vision mixer or video switcher, is a device used for video production in places like a television studio or in live events. It comes with three basic parts. The bus is an important part of a video mixer. It is a signal path where multiple input signals travel to blend into one output signal. The transition lever and the key bus are responsible for transitioning between two buses and for composting one signal to key over a program bus, respectively.

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