Lightweight Umbrella Double Strollers

It is important to choose the right umbrella double stroller for your needs. Due to their light weight and slim profile, these types of strollers can be used either for travel or for every day. However, every family is different; some might be more appropriate for you than others.

How do you choose a stroller?
  • Choose based on the age of the child - Whether your child is an infant or toddler could impact the decision-making process. While most have a weight limit, some are also designed to last through the toddler years.
  • Select recline settings - Ones that recline completely flat accommodate babies from birth.
  • Double duty - If you have twins or more than one child close in age, find a double stroller that makes transporting both children easier.
What are common features of travel strollers?

There are several factors to keep in mind when considering a stroller for travel. Some of the aspects to keep in mind are compact shape, car seat compatibility, and flat fold.

  • Compact shape - Ones that are on the smaller side can be easier to tuck in an overhead compartment or in the trunk of a rental car or taxi.
  • Flat fold - Ones that fold completely flat for storage may make it easier to put them through the airport security scanner. Some have a one-handed fold feature, which might be a good option to consider if you are taking a lot of other bags with you on your trip.
  • Storage - Most parents are carrying a lot of stuff to keep their kids happy while in transit: books, snacks, toys, and the like. Find an umbrella stroller that has a good-size storage basket and a cup holder both for your drink and your childs.
  • Choose the right wheels - A double umbrella stroller with all-terrain swivel wheels may be a good option for travel, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time at the beach. Some lightweight umbrella strollers also have anti-shock front wheels, a good feature for rolling over gravel or navigating narrow cobblestone paths. Find a double umbrella stroller that you will want to use both while traveling and at your destination.
  • Car-seat compatible - Some have the option to add an infant car seat, which is a good choice for newborns.
What type of umbrella hood do you need?
  • Choose adjustable - An adjustable canopy gives you options, from full sun and rain coverage to just a little shade.
  • Easily removable - While traveling, taking the hood off the double umbrella stroller and putting it in your suitcase may make navigating the stroller through security easier.
  • UV Protection - Some have an anti-UV UPF (which stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor) treatment. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in the sun, a double stroller with this kind of umbrella hood could be a good choice.