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Dodge Car And Truck A/C Heater Controls

A/C and heater control is a standard vehicle feature Dodge offers on cars and trucks. Both the Dodge AC and heater systems share components that can break down over time on your car or truck, including the climate control panels installed in all vehicle models that Dodge produces. AC control or heater control components for all models of Dodge are available for replacement or climate system upgrades.

How do heating and air conditioning controls work?

The A/C and heater on all Dodge makes and models of vehicles work in a similar fashion. A climate control unit is installed on the dashboard that contains buttons, knobs, and sliders (depending upon the model), which are used to adjust the air temperature inside the cab of the vehicle. The rate and direction of air from the A/C or heater are also controlled by this unit. A blower, doors, and ducts are controlled by actuators to accomplish these tasks. In older model cars and trucks, cables were used instead of actuators to adjust blend and directional doors.

When should heating and air conditioning controls be replaced?

You will want to consider replacing the climate control panel on your vehicle if the buttons, knobs, or sliders are broken. Also, if the climate control panel stops responding to inputs, you may need to replace it. Some A/C or heater problems with your vehicle may be the result of other parts of the system not working in your car or truck (such as the blender or mode doors being stuck or the blower not working).

How do you replace lights on Dodge truck heater controls?

While specifics will be found in a repair manual for the model year and make of your Dodge truck, the replacement process is fairly simple. The climate board on most Dodge cars and trucks are surrounded by a bezel that will need to be removed. After this is done, you will be able to access the clips that hold the unit securely to the vehicle dash. When these have been unclipped, you can remove the controls from the dash and locate the bulb that needs to be replaced. After replacing the bulb, clip the controls back into the vehicle dashboard and re-attach the bezel.

Why is air flowing out of the window vents only?

Air flow through the dash, floor, and window vents on your car or truck is controlled by a mode door within the ductwork behind the dash. If air is flowing through only one set of vents in the front of your vehicle, the mode door is a more likely suspect than the car or truck climate controls would be.