Choosing Phone Cases and Skins

For fans of all things Disney, using a phone case or cover featuring some of the company's most legendary animated characters can be an enjoyable way to express your love of these icons. When it comes to fitting your Motorola device, there are numerous options made from various materials, featuring an array of characters, and in multiple types that not only protect your phone but make for eye-catching accessories.

What Are Some Features of These Cases?

Like most cases, Disney cases have their own feature sets, so you'll want to locate the case for you based on the features it offers and how they fit your lifestyle.

  • A built-in screen protector means that not only is the exterior of your device protected, but your display is as well. When you drop your phone or bump it against a hard surface, you're at risk for a screen crack or shatter, so a protector can be a wise investment.
  • You may decide to choose a case with a belt clip, which is sometimes called a holster. This ensures that no matter what you're doing, you can keep your phone next to you without having to keep it in your purse or bag, where you may miss an important call.
  • Remember to select a case that includes a cut-out for your camera, so you don't have to remove the case when you want to snap the perfect shot.

Which Designs Can You Purchase?

Patterns, colors, and designs vary when you're looking at cases from the brand, and there are a few examples of the types of cases you can get for your specific model.

  • For Mickey fans, there are never enough choices when it comes to cases featuring the recognizable mouse logo of the brand. You can find multiple cases featuring Mickey in assorted designs, materials, and colors.
  • You may decide that you want to pay homage to a different character, such as Mickey's better half, Minnie Mouse, and there are cases that feature this adorable mouse holding an umbrella or against a patterned background.
  • For a subtler approach, consider a quilted leather case with a small, basic Mickey head logo on one corner. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a graffiti case covered in colorful Mickeys might be an option for you.

Which Motorola Models Do These Cases Fit?

To ensure that your case fits your device, double-check the model and the number before you make a purchase.

  • The Moto G5 Plus is an option when it comes to purchasing these types of covers and cases for your device.
  • You can also select a protector for your Atrix 4G.
  • Further models that you can buy a cartoon case for are the Droid X or Droid X2 designs.

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