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CyberPower Computer Uninterruptible Power Supply

CyberPower offers uninterrupted power supplies for desktops, laptops, networking devices and other electronics. CyberPower's battery backup and surge protection are designed to power your units through outages. It's also designed to protect your electronics from damage caused by both sudden outages and fluctuating power surges.

Why are UPS battery backup units so important?

With the CyberPower UPS units, the electronic systems that are plugged in will continue running uninterrupted. This may allow you time to safely shut off the power to anything that is plugged in or leave them on for the duration of a brief power surge.

How does the surge protection actually work?

The surge protection feature protects electronics from voltage spikes by limiting the excess voltage that gets to your electronics. Some of the CyberPower units also come with a feature called AVR, or Automatic Voltage Regulation, which stabilizes the voltage without consuming your battery. This allows your UPS unit to run for a longer time.

How many hours do the units run after an outage?

The unit can power your electronics from 4 to six hours, depending on how many units are connected to the CyberPower UPS and how much power each one consumes.

How long is the lifespan of the batteries?

The battery inside each unit is rechargeable and will recharge on its own. The batteries in UPS units can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years on average. However, there are many other factors that come into play, such as the temperature the UPS was stored in and the number of surges or outages it has dealt with.

Is the CyberPower compatible with your electronics?

To see if your electronics are compatible with the specific CyberPower UPS unit you're looking at, pay attention to the Va and W rating. The Va, or volt-ampere, rating of your electronics must be below the Va rating of the UPS unit. The W, or wattage rating of your electronics must also be below the W rating of the UPS unit. If VA rating of your connected electronics is below the UPS but the W rating is over that of the UPS, it will not power your electronics successfully.

How do standard systems compare to the intelligent LCD systems?

The intelligent LCD gives you information on the temperature of the unit, how much the temperature has changed, and the amount of power it has left. The standard battery backup models do not have an LCD display. To get detailed information on regular units, you'll have to install the software that comes with the unit and run it.

How many outlets can fit into one unit?

It depends on the CyberPower model. Some will have six outlets while the bigger ones will allow for 12 outlets. Make note of how many the various units support to ensure that you get one for your specific needs.

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