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Craftsman Automotive Air Compressor

Craftsman began making tools in 1927. The brand makes a large range of tools, including power tools. Craftsman also offers a line of portable air compressors that can fill up a flat tire or be used for different uses around the house or shop.

What are some types of air compressors that Craftsman offers?

The Craftsman line has a large selection of compressors to fit many different automotive needs from compact cars to four-ton trucks and everything in between. These Sears Craftsman air compressors are not only useful for automotive tires, but they can also help to inflate objects like sports balls, inflatable pool toys, motorcycle and bicycle tires, air mattresses, and more. All compressors are compatible with 12-Volt DC power outlets that come standard with most vehicles. They also provide at least 8 feet of hose with a universal locking adapter that coils up for compact storage, a heavy-duty tank rated for very high pressures, and a power cord with fuse protection. Depending on the model you choose, it can have any of the following features:

  • Digital LCD display with the ability to read and adjust current PSI level as well as pre-program set levels
  • A carrying case made of either of hard plastic or polyester
  • Work light on the front of the Sears Craftsman air compressor
  • Multiple adaptor kits so you can use your Craftsman compressor to inflate anything that holds air
  • A secondary power cord that can work off a standard 120-Volt AC wall socket as well as high- and low-pressure settings for inflating delicate objects like balloons.
What else can a Craftsman portable air compressor do?

The primary use of your Craftsman portable compressor is to inflate your car tires, but depending on the model you purchase, you might be able to expand on those horizons. If the tank is big enough and the PSI great enough, then you can connect some air compression tools to help with other automotive problems on the road or repairs that need to be made around the house. For instance, there are air compression screwdrivers available through Craftsman that use relatively low PSI that may be helpful with quick roadside repairs. On the home front, there are Craftsman air-powered spray painters. These are only two examples of accessories that you can use with a Craftsman portable compressor. Other accessories may be available depending on the model of your Craftsman compressor.

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